Gears Tactics crashes instantly / does not launch

Hey there. I ve been having this issue ever since launch. Specifically, whenever i try to launch the game it crashes without any error message. The game .exe appears in the task manager and just disappears by itself with no reason given.

So far i have tried everything. Driver and windows Updates, switching ownership of windowsapps, disabling 3rd party apps like firewalls and antivirus etc, reinstalling gameservices etc etc.

Any ideas?

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Tried that already. Nothing there covers my case

Same here (using Steam). Iit s not launching… pretty much did everything a steam trouble shooting could be (antivirus off, firewall off, overlays off, check validity, move folder,… whatever i found… ). Help is very appreciated :wink:

Core i5-9600K, 16GB, RTX 2070

What is so bloody frustrating as I can think of no reason we didn’t get this on Xbox at the same time.

We are the bread and butter of Gears, I have no problem with the pc and happy they get to play but we should have all got at the same time.

There is obviously a “reason” be it business that we have to wait.

Before release I thought it was due to too many options thus requiring a keyboard and mouse but guess what, the controller layout is done and to my surprise it worked quite well. Could do with some tweaking but works just fine.

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UPDATE : Since, generally, no f***k was given, by anyone, i tried tweaking every running service in my PC and finally got it running.
Apparently there is some kind of conflict with other services running in the background, I am not sure which one exactly, but try the following:

Go to system configuration (search msconfig), go to the services tab, tick hide microsoft services and disable all running services. Reboot and you should be able to play.

Should you be able to find exactly which one is responsible for the conflict let us know. I can tell you for sure that antivirus software is not responsible, at least in my case.


Thank you so much !!! it makes 3 days i was in the same case without find any solution. It works now with your tips. :smiley: :smiley: Now let’s play.

I don’t believe it. It works after three days of despair! :wink:
You are my hero of the day

It’s probably been “fixed” to only run on the new series x console. That’s my bet.