Gears Tactics "confirmed" for Xbox One

I use marks because Rod Ferguson just vaguely answered a question, but here we go:

Looks like Splash Damage is still working on the game while porting The Master Chief Collection on PC.


Nice. :grin:

Good. From reading about Gears Tactics it sounded quite XCOM-esque, and I frigging love XCOM!


Good. Gears is like Microsofts Mario/ Zelda/ Metroid etc. It wiuldnt do to see a major entry like that go exclusively somewhere else.

Thanks @Skelface for the info,as my new partner has stole my gears pop,:pleading_face:I will give tactics ago when I give gears 5 a rest

Glad they confirmed this.

People were mad it was PC only for a while understandably.

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I suspect it will aim as a launch title for the next Xbox.

It never was a “PC exclusive”.

It was initially announced as a PC only title targetting 120FPS.


It’s so sad to see dozens of ppl raging and arguing and whining about Gears 5 and nobody that gives two sheets about Tactics.

Still waiting for this marvel to come out :c

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Good to know I hope it releases later on the Xbox SX, loved the new trailer. It’s not usually my kind of game but I like the simplicity that Gears tactics seems to have, does not seem overly complicated I like that.

Great news. Sounds like they actually listened on this one. Right on.

Don’t even count on it.
I know greedy TC , if you pay good attention you’ll see that they said that it may come for CONSOLE.

And that means that is going to come out for Series X.

i cannot wait for Xcom of War on the Xbox one