Gears Tactics characters in Gears 5, it is possible?

When i see the quality of this characters, it’s to say in Gears Tactics, i think it would be great to have the possibility to play with Gabe, Sid or Mikayla in Gears 5… in versus mode in a first time. And why not in horde mode in a second time… It would be better than certains old skin we have seen in Gears of War 4 !

Do you think it’s possible to see it, one day, in the future ?

I hope seriously…
As a DLC for example.


It is possible.

We’ve had comic book characters in Gears too.

The more the better tbh & I hope so.


Maybe they will be available in OP4!? :thinking:

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Sid is pretty cool, wouldnt mind Gabe either.

I think they’ll get in eventually, maybe around the launch of the Xbox version?

Yes, it’s almost a certainty…

…in two or three years.


That soon?!?!

This has made my whole weekend, no week!! :frowning::anguished::hushed::open_mouth::astonished::dizzy_face:


I’d find it funny if it wasn’t so true.


I thought for sure we were going to get Gabe as a pvp/pve playable promotion on tueaday after the delays…how stupid and niave of me of course. Operation 4 bundle with Paduk it is then?..why do something to please the fans afterall…you can promote Terminator,Halo and WWE but not your own franchise…“Bulls#!T”!


To be fair, it wasn’t promoting WWE.
Batista was in day one because he’s a fan and they just decided to add his signature move.
Batista and his Batista bomb were free but I simply cannot excuse the horrible Terminator characters.

Your point is a great one and I made a thread similar to this


When i see Gabe coming in Gears Pop, i think it possible to see these characters in Gears 5.
But voices aren’t recorded now…

We need Dom first…delta squad and jack, 50 waves…it’s already a horde achievment in the making… i think that would please alot of fans. I belived Gabe would have been good gesture to the community for their continued patience/support in the last 8 months. Nethertheless i’m probally sounding like an entitled little b!tc# now, so with that said i’m done on this topic…

That. Customization. Is. ■■■■■■■. Amazing.
I swear man. How long we been wanting this and TC has the nerve to put into a single player only game where appearance doesn’t matterrather than one with PVP where almost everyone wants to have a unique look.


Right? I saw the ability of customization in Tactics and it’s almost exactly like I remember lots of threads asking to come to Gears 4/5.

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Don’t see it happening till after release on console. The majority of Gears fan base plays on console. Pretty sure it would flop mostly till everyone is familiar with the characters. My bet would be next January at the earliest.

I think they will be tied in with the xbox release of tactics, either for iron or tactics owners.


It’s sort of baffling that no Tactics characters were made available in Gears 5 prior to launch or as a pre-order bonus or something. Seems like a really obvious cross-promotion to get more of the community interested in the game.

Lol it’s not even good for business. Just another reason why the hero system needs to go.

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If they were smart, they would put it so that you would have to play Gears Tactics and get a certain achievement that unlocks characters for Gears 5

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As seen from gameplay from Gears Tactics, I’m almost certain that it uses same animations assets as main Gears games, locust has same voiceovers, map models were probably slightly altered to fit in game, so it would be possible to just add them without any major changes.

The best way i can describe it ( from my experience in college with game dev) is its like taking a part out of a camaro, and sticking it into a Ferrari, they both look and run nice, but under the hood their not compatible. Theres a lot of tweaking and redesign that needs to go into transferring assets. Especially since both games have totally different visual scalability options.