Gears tactics characters for OP5?

I know we’re still missing a ■■■■ ton of previous gears characters, but I think it would be clever to have brand new characters to the saga instead of old ones everyone is sick about and a gears tactics inspired map would be great too


Ukkon is such a great character, would love to see him


I’m interested in what TC is gonna do for the 1 year anniversary of gears 5

Hopefully the Ice skins can be bought with iron or coins.

Stuff like this needs to stay exclusive


Should? Maybe.

Is it? Nah.

Was that last sentence added later on? I dont remember seeing that when I was thinking about buying it lol

I was legit gonna buy the set off eBay until I found this screenshot

I’m.gonma find the original page in a second.

I needed a new hard drive and was looking at these. They are such a rip off. $50 more just for a design and a set of skins.

Gridlock probably

“with the anniversary of Gears 5 we thought we would celebrate this day with the map that started it all”

Let’s :pray: its the Gears 3 looking one

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We talk about the TC! Of course it will be the Gears of War 4 version. :neutral_face:

I want this character from Gears Tactics!

I couldn’t find out how to actually put the picture up, I’m sorry.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think tactics is made with the same version of unreal as Gears 5,just modified in mind for the strategic genre and game that it is…

I love this idea, I think gabe Diaz, ukkon and the drone disciple, and kantus zealot would be amazing looking additions to the roster :v: