Gears suggestions

I think adding some visual cues that alert you that your in range of danger from the grenades, similar to what call of duty has would help out tremendously. For the majority of the time I can’t tell where the frags have been thrown or see where they land. Anyway this could make it into Gears 5???


I agree the frag audio is so terrible in this game. I would like better audio of where grenades are being thrown and footsteps. They can always look at Gears 3 to see how it should sound.

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I think it also needs to be bit more visible, hell i cant tell where the nade is thrown.

It makes no difference - the nades in this game kill you whatever you try and do!

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Actually in few instances, despite OP nade, I survived unscathered haha.

but only like 25% of he time though.