Gears storytelling

I think they should return to its original storytelling roots. The swarm does not get the same respect that the Locust did in my opinion. The writers need to express them for what they intended them to be. The nightmarish, I’ll piss my pants if I encounter one drone type monsters. How do you do that? Bring back Gears old themes of a more frightening and respected enemy, TRUE brotherhood, and heart aching sacrifices and casualties of war. I’ll explain my thoughts further.

I always connected with Gears on an emotional level. The thought of a destroyed civilization caused by a haunting, damn near unstoppable enemy was like nothing else I’d ever experienced in a video game. The lineup of characters they created to face this enemy were amazing. Truly like all of them. What I think led me to this emotional connection was the way they killed off these characters. From Kim and Anthony in Gears 1, Tai and Ben in Gears 2, and the unforgettable sacrifice of Dom in Gears 3.

They’ve lost this recipe of storytelling in my opinion.

  1. The swarm don’t have the same frightening presence as the locust did.
  2. The lineup of new headline and secondary characters don’t live up to the originals.
  3. Character deaths have no emotional impact which in my opinion which would make me connect with the game better

So here’s my thoughts on Gears 6 plot without the nitty gritty details. They need to bring back the dark tone of the game. At some point the main characters will need to hivebust where Reyna is and there needs to be a Operation Hollow Storm type feel. Maybe not to the scale it got to with the amount of soldiers that were involved, but a few squads with familiar faces and characters and there needs to be casualties. Whether it’s from battling overwhelming odds or sacrifice (like Halo Reach).

Thats basically the middle of the game. How it starts and finishes I have thoughts on that as well, but I wanted to paraphrase my thoughts on this matter. I love Gears I’m playing Gears 5 now battling my way to get the Operation Hollow Storm Tai skin (whose my fav character besides Marcus). I can talk about this kinda stuff forever I have so many good ideas for Gears 6. Kinda just threw some thoughts together so if you want me to elaborate on anything ask away!

Thanks for reading!


It’s just so sad to see how people simply disregards threads like this.
I truly appreciate your words , you clearly put a lot of sincerity and emotion while writing this , I can actually feel the way you been attached to those characters.
… I was too.
Gears was unique.
Simply unique .
And now it looks like avarage shooter ever , Campaign included.

But what buggers me the most is its community.
It’s like they accepted this all passively.
Look at this thread : well structured , words of truth , passion and most importantly you did exatly what every thread should do : be constructive .

This forum should exist so people can interact to each other and most importantly inspire TC and give them the right feedback.

Instead we have threads titled “OP 5 SUCKS TC IS TRASH” with 100+ replies , and threads like this that actually try to help and build a better game that just get ignored.
Just like I said , it’s like the community accepted all of this passively , they swallow the game for what it is.

Just …
I agree with everything you said.
Absolutly nailed , man.
Keep it up with the passion and the Grub Slayin’.
See ya on the Battlefield :+1:t2::gear:


I agree with your thoughts on the community. I pop on these forums from time to time and all I ever see is thread after thread of complaints on gameplay with the weapon modifications, server issues, etc.

To be honest the gameplay to me is fine no matter how they adjust it. (Accept those upper 90% single gnasher shots lol)

Gears was successful because of its themes and the gnasher gameplay it’s famous for just happened. Epic games never intended the shotgun mayhem that is Gears today.

Here’s an analogy I like to think of Gears transition from what it use to be to what it is now. Gears 1-3 is like DC comics. They’re at their best when they stay to a darker tone/theme. It was like The Dark Knight trilogy.

  • dark and serious tone/themes
  • incredible storytelling from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight Rises
  • each time they introduced something new it still stayed true to its roots (villains, heroes, settings, character development)

Now Gears 4 and 5 they decided to take a turn because times are changing. Look at Marvel, they introduced a new style of action/comedy/colorful movies and they’re all hits. Now you see DC took their chance changing their theme with a similar styled movie to how Marvel made their movies in Justice League and it flopped. I feel that’s what Gears 4 and 5 have done. Maybe not to the extent Justice League flopped, but nonetheless Gears 4 and 5 failed to live up to the OG Gears because they changed with the times. SO UNNECESSARY.

Underlying message here.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!

Gears needs to return to its original ways for it to get back on track.


Yep, whenever they want to introduce a new swarm enemy, the camera just pans towards them and they just ‘grunt’ at the camera. Not impressive at all.

Remember the setting and environment for Berserker on Gears 1? Where you had to lure it out of a tomb into the open and then burn it alive using the hammer of dawn?

I could go on and on about this but,
That’s how cutscenes and key gameplay moments should be designed, Berserker was legit terrifying during this gameplay sequence.

Shame they didn’t have any of these in Gears 5. Matriarch was a missed opportunity for them.


Totally agree. I can remember that moment like it was yesterday. My brother and I were so scared. We paused the game and looked at each other like “are we really gonna do this?” Haha.

Such a great moment and you’re absolutely right cutscenes aren’t the same anymore, very forgetful. Even the way they introduced and handled the matriarch is very forgetful too I can agree with that.

I wasn’t a fan of the way JD, Del, and Kait would interact with each other in 4 or 5 either. The way they joshed around while they should be these “green as grass” rookies like Anthony and Ben Carmine going up against real enemy that isn’t a robot, but this terrifying, monstrous, swarm that damn near made the human race go extinct… and they don’t act/react like the Locust nearly accomplished that. They were too giddy.


I appreciate a fellow like you with passion for the game. Gears to me has always been campaign first. I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing multiplayer but the campaigns are what bring me back every time a new one releases.

The characters are by far the most important thing to what have made us love these games. The personal connection you have to the people you’re playing as will always be the most crucial part of a Gears campaign. There was a uniqueness to the themes such as horror, camaraderie, responsibility, guilt, redemption, brutality, corruption, dark secrets, and how these amazing characters dealt with it all in such a realistic way that it made them feel HUMAN. Thematically, Gears Tactics felt much more like a Gears of War game than 4 and 5 did in that regard, although it suffered from the same corny voice acting / voice lines.

Sadly, the new cast of characters are completely different from those of the OG trilogy. They don’t feel like real people, and definitely not people who live in the same world as the no-nonsense Gears we’re used to. Bad voice acting and corny dialogue all throughout. They’re completely dull, uninteresting and unlikeable in comparison. Way too childish. Selfish even. They take no accountability for their actions and suffer no consequences.

The tone and feel of the game is also extremely important. This campaign is made 10 times better just by putting the new Gears 2 filter on. Dark and gritty and creepy just how we like it! The bright colors really have more of an effect on how “Gearsy” the game feels than TC realizes. Who cares if bright colored games are easier to sell and market, Gears wasn’t made for that and the player base population is too low to give a damn about that anyway.

Think of how deep and fleshed out the story was after Gears 1 and 2… it spanned across many years, and had so many different moving parts. After 2 games in this new trilogy, the story has taken place over the course of only a few months, with no clear direction to where it’s heading. We’re lead to believe Kait will be the next queen but it turns out to be… Reyna??? We literally watched her DIE at the end of Gears 4. Makes literally no sense that she’s alive. It feels horribly rushed without any real opportunity for a deep, compelling story.

Learning the origins of the Swarm in Gears 4 was the only interesting part. In 5, Kaits connection to the Swarm is the only interesting part, which makes Act 1, 3, and 4 feel incredibly boring in comparison. It’s crazy how dull the story has become. In the first trilogy, you are constantly engaged and asking questions and eager to see the story play out… in the new games, it feels like there’s nothing to even look forward to.

I hope someone at TC actually reads these. I don’t hate the new games, there’s a lot of things I really love about them. But it’d be amazing if TC could somehow return Gears to its roots. I just don’t believe it’s possible that the magic of the original trilogy could ever be replicated. Either way, I’ll remain a Gears fan until the end.

P.s. holy sh*t sorry that was so long, I can’t contain my passion for this series hahaha


I’m so thrilled to be getting feedback similar to how I feel. There’s probably thousands of people (hopefully) that feel the same way, but I can truly feel how passionate you are about this series as well. The characters truly are everything to me in this series. All the characters shared a tough, gritty, get stuff done quality. They’re fighting the Locust after all… For 17 years.

The new characters share some of those qualities, but like you said there’s this silliness to them that just doesn’t fit for this series. It’s misplaced and TC has to do something about that.

Regarding everything else, I agree with everything you’ve written. The switch to a Gears 2 vibe in the main menu was such a great move. I said to my brothers when it happened “it actually sounds and feels more like a gears game.” I hope that’s a trend that continues.

I think the themes of the OG trilogy is such a huge piece to what made the game what it is and nailed all of them. Why would TC think of changing/tweaking some of them? It doesn’t make sense to me.

I kept thinking after finishing Gears 5 Campaign they could have really gave us something to look forward to if they made Kait the Locust Queen. Choosing the bring Reyna back was so unfulfilling. Besides the fact that she came back as this psychotic tentacle creature (SMH) why did TC think bringing someone back from the dead is acceptable? Doesn’t fit in the Gears universe. Also misplaced.

The choice to save either JD or Del is also misplaced. I don’t see where they’re going with that and why. JD has so much potential for storytelling with the connections and relationships he has while Del just doesn’t seem to have a lot going for him honestly to play out in another game. Pretty easy choice who to kill of in my opinion.

I also will play any gears game because of the passion I have for the series. As much criticism as I give it I also will always play any gears game they make. It’s actually the only video game I play that’s how much I love the series.

I do hope TC listens to the passionate fans that know why this series was so incredible in the first place and it’s always been the storytelling.


Amen to that, TC has all the feedback they need from fans to be able to separate what we like and what we don’t. With so many people leaving TC since the launch of Gears 5, they have an opportunity to really reevaluate their vision and creative direction as they head into development for the next installment.

It sucks that Gears 5 has suffered tremendously because of Microsoft, but TC gets all the blame. I feel horrible for these guys who work their ■■■■■ off to continue our favorite franchise. I wish Gears wasn’t owned by Microsoft. 3 developers in JUST THE LAST WEEK that Gears fans actually love who have a good vision for the game are leaving TC because of bad Microsoft contract structure. That’s unacceptable, and just plain idiotic. TC is being weighed down tremendously by Microsoft and receiving all the blame. Something has to change drastically.

I’ve seen an IT worker on these forums point out that in the credits of the game, several different companies are credited for work on Gears 5 who are known to be small untalented workers who Microsoft/TC hire to offload lots of important work just to save time and money. It’s very disturbing to me that non-TC developers with no personal connection or passion for the franchise are working on this game.

Let’s hope TC is given all the time and resources necessary to really get it right next time. It’s easy to see how rushed Gears 5 was by Microsoft by how buggy it was when it launched. Any other company with common sense could never release a game so broken and would have pushed back the release date. I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of concept arts of cool ideas that got taken out of the game last minute because they didn’t have enough time. It’s a damn shame to know the final product could’ve been so much better than what we got.

Gears 6’s success depends little on TC, because by now they HAVE TO know the simple things that Gears fans want and don’t want from these games. In my opinion, it all depends on Microsoft learning from their bad practices.

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Since this is “Gears storytelling” I want to point out this video I found that talks about the STORY of gears 5

& this just popped up on my YouTube feed. Weird. I do not hate TC.

Please ignore the title of the video but their are so many valid points we can address to rebound the success of gears, if it matters.

I want TC to see this if they can too as to why some of us don’t like the story.

@AmicableWall421 your thoughts? Just curious since we’ve clashed on some subjects before & I like hearing a different view if there is one

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More reasons Kait is a questionable lead.

Please don’t rush to judgements before watching.

These are meant to be constructive as to why the community feels a certain way.

Now alot of people just gave up on the game. But I’ll voice the fallen.

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