Gears Store This Week 🤔

I really don’t get TC thinking process when they add things to the store. Not just this week really🙄

They add Tactics Onyx Guards skins to the store this week. Last week they added the tactics main characters and the bundle.

WOULD IT NOT? Have made more sense to add the Onyx guards last week and the character and bundle this week so people can buy the onyx guards skins in the bundle with everything else???

The Featured of this week in the Rare/Purple, Onyx Guard skins and the weapon legacy set from Gears 5.
I don’t know if they just failed to notice but THOSE SKINS WERE ALREADY IN THE STORE???:scream::scream::scream::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:
They are in the character skins section of the store and the weapon skins section they always have been??
What is the point of putting them in Featured if we already had access to buying those skins anyway in another part of the store???
Yeah its a Cog themed week but we could have figured
out ourselves where to get the other skins if we wanted them.
Atleast bring back something old for the Featured part of the store and not stuff thats already available to us.

Not that the Cog Gear already has enough skins anyways? Lizzie has less than 5 and the Cog Gear has 10+ ?
Yeah i know the Cog Gear is a main part of the Gears Universe and they do a male and female version etc etc i know all that. But did we really need more??

Just to add aswell, Dana said at the end of Op4 to buy the things you want from the store quickly before Op5 starts as anything that was in the store for Op4 won’t be back for a while and they don’t know when they might be coming back for you to buy them.
YET? Fahz again Workout Fahz in the store again and he was last Op too??

Chances are next Christmas that Father Gearsmas Marcus will be in the store just like the Krampus Scion was so if you didn’t get it, stick around it will likely be in the store next Christmas.


Are you trying to disrespect the drip-feed?

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@Mark36111 thoughts on the store?

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Fully on purpose.

Hey, everyone! Gear 5 Celebrity™ @Mark36111 here for your weekly dose of Gears 5 store content picks and misses! This week, TC delivers two brand new character skins, an enticing new Mark, and an intriguing bundle. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to buy and what to pass on, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!

Tactics Onyx Guard Vermelo (500 iron): Buy

Vermelo is a very loveable character, and TC is yet to release a skin for him that I cannot recommend. The Tactics Onyx Guard armor looks kind of derpy, but it’s a decent option for those who lacked the foresight to purchase Chrome Steel Vermelo when he was for sale a few months ago.

COG, through and through!

Tactics Onyx Guard Casan (500 Iron): Pass

Her voice actor tries way too hard, and this character gives me ear cancer whenever I’m in a lobby with her.

Tactics Onyx Guard Duo Bundle (750 iron): Pass

This should be self-explanatory unless you are a brain-dead hyper bouncer who would rather learn claw than basic math. Spend 500 iron on Vermelo and use the 250 left over for the Shoot Here Mark.

Shoot Here Mark (65 iron): Buy

At 65 iron, this is an absolute bargain. TC continues to prove its commitment to the Gears player base with weekly deals that most developers would never dream of even on Black Friday. Let’s face it: most of your teammates in Gears 5 will have more Gears Coins than brain cells. The Shoot Here Mark is a clever way to remind slow players where to aim their Gnasher (for example, @TC_Clown , who often has the opportunity to team up with me through my work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation).


Chrome Steel RAAM ($9.99)

We’ve all come to love Chrome Steel, but is this week’s offering worth your IRL iron? My own verdict is pass, though this is a rare instance in which readers might reasonably disagree with my opinion. For me, Chrome Steel Locust Drone, Chrome Steel Swarm Drone Sniper, and Chrome Steel Palace Guard still constitute an adequate rotation for the Swarm side without any need for RAAM. Moreover, we have all seen the rumors of Chrome Steel Bolter dropping some time this operation. If you are somebody who has a particular affinity for RAAM, feel free to indulge, though I personally think the villains from the TC series of games (e.g., Swarm King and Executioner Jaz’ruk) are better than the enemies from the Epic trilogy.

That’s all for this week! Sorry for the long delay between posts. My Patreon is still pending approval, but will be available soon (I hope). Stay tuned!


Is there a way for me to Pre-Pledge? Because damn this is the quality content I’m subscribed for!


What about your Only Fans?


It’s starting to take off. My topless and bottomless Bikini Baird cosplay was a pretty big hit.