Gears should add an option to switch gun to Left Hand

Was thinking today about a way to bring something new to Gears without completely changing the game or adding a new crazy weapon. @TC_Kilo1062 The coalition should add a gameplay feature to let you switch weapon “hands”. Meaning no more right hand advantage. I think it would change up the game a lot. Without ruining the game. It would definitely make things more interesting. Seconds? And yeah, im expecting a bunch of nonsensical vitriol. But really think about it before you say no. What if your opponent is sitting on a right hand corner and your across from him and all you have to do to even the odds is switch hands? Hmm?

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The controller’s kinda out of buttons, though. What would you bind the swap command to?

Could take out the emote wheel. Idc games dead to me.

I’d be in favor of this more in the semi-permanent options, like the inverted axis and color blind options. Something that a lefty could set to be more immersive and reflect how they’d actually handle a weapon.

But for a on-the-fly change, maybe a combo of holding Left Bumper and clicking Left Thumbstick?

As far as ideas go, this is way better than adding an emote system and then adding verbal and hand gesture emotes that I can’t even say on the forums without breaking the forum rules… so maybe just repurpose the Right Thumbstick click?


this is a trademark of the series and it plays into the gameplay on a tactical level. knowing everyone has the same right hand advantage is how we play the game.


@goodacre yep. I know and get this. But it would bring a change and some new strategy to the game. I do understand that it changes the game…but not in a fundamental way. Just strategic.

RS while aiming? Should be aim-only anyways, otherwise it would be another Gnasher-buff.

This is what the back A and lefty flip is for.

I see what you’re on about but I’m not wanting a change like that. I would prefer changes to the tuning and/or hit detection and things of that nature. Right hand advantage is written too deeply into gears to take it out IMO and I would argue it would be a fundamental change.

It would be fun to tool around with it a bit in custom or something some time but it has no business becoming a thing IMO

LT & Rs, gears doesnt take damn near anywhere close to full advantage of the controller

@Non_Photo_BIue im not do sure I want it changed just bc of game habits and muscle memory. But an ltm or something like an option in custom would be fun.
@xXARslayerXx ive said for a long time that the emote wheel can be overlaid on the tac-coms screen in a manner that doesnt interfere with the tac-coms screen. I dont even look at the emote wheel when i use them. That way melee could be put on the stick where the emote wheel is, and then put Roll all by itself on the b button. Or vice versa. Roll on the stick where emote used to be. That way, no more accidental rolling.

Yeah so dumb they have a whole screen and button command for just 4 emotes lol, at least let us equip more for it to have its own screen and button command

Things like this could be tested in the developer’s playlist.

IMO, being able to shoulder swap with a button press while holding LT would be a welcomed change. Seeing as we can already do it by aiming left while in cover and then backing off, I don’t think it would change gameplay too drastically. It would just make actions and situations faster and more intense.

However, if they made it so you could do it anytime and change it to a “left hand advantage”, it would alter the entire experience too much.
If this became a thing, maybe if it was just implemented in campaign and PVE, people would be more open to it?

As for the emote wheel, I only use voice lines and would like it if they gave us the option to have more than 4. It would be nice if they could find a way to expand it or something.


LT+click right Stick is the zoom command for weapons that have it.

@Vanden255 true. But you wouldnt need to roll or melee and scope at the same time.

Don’t we want those though?

While not aiming then?
It seems inconvenient to only be able to switch while ADS.

Shoulder swap should have been in a long time ago. Plenty of other third person shooters have been doing this for a decade now. Tomb Raider, Uncharted, a couple of the RE games. Just click right stick in, it’s not that hard to assign it to a button. It would end this redneck do-si-do nonsense around square pieces of cover. Maps would also finally be balanced because now all cover on both sides of a map could be symmetric. Playing on Gridlock, it’s apparent that approaching the Longshot area is easier for COG’s first spawn because they have the right hand advantage with those pillars. Despite Gridlock being symmetrically designed, it doesn’t play symmetric and makes approaching spots far easier for one team.


Why do people want to continue to change a game that at one time was the most addicting, gruesome, master piece on console? Just stop , there is no need for it.

Everyone wants this and this and that. I’ll tell you what i would like, how about a gears of war that isn’t broken and full of microtransactions and massive grinds.

U can switch it to left side just like in gears 2 wall slide to a wall( left side wall) and cancel wall slide while hitting ur left trigger BAM! there u go

To be honest, I’m surprised that shoulder swapping wasn’t in the game a long time ago. I would love this. Don’t see why it would be a problem, as you can already step off of cover while aiming over the left shoulder anyway. Making it so that you can simply switch hands whenever you need to would be nothing but an AWESOME Quality of Life improvement to the game. Right Hand Advantage is a dumb mechanic in my opinion, and this would solve that without changing gameplay at all. Things would just be more intuitively fair.