Gears servers(Xbox ) will be updated soon . Better online play soon

well, lets get some confirmation from a TC employee before we start expecting better connections to the non-XCloud version of Gears 5


Not not Insult them
But I’ve asked if level 2 barriers on horde slow down more than lvl 1 and no reply

If you want to continue to play gears 5 your best of getting a pc. The game is almost over now and it’s as bad as it’s ever been. Might get back into destiny 2.

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Report your own post, then they’re forced to read it.

Lmfao :joy::joy::joy::joy:
I’m not even trolling
I seriously want an answer to that question but no one can give me a 100% yes

Well, if you get lucky we’ll get another PvE-dev-stream and you can spam your question in chat then. Don’t think there are gonna be anymore dev-streams anymore though.

Their used to be such a thing
They should still do those on the forums as threads instead
Way better job than what epic did

Everything epic did wrong
TC has done right
But yet here we are
2 gun spawn
Mouse vs controller


Add “listening to pro players” in the bad things

Oh yeah that is stupid
Gears needs to be fun
Before it’s competitive

what vr headset?
im just using a pc and kb mouse dude

gears has vr?