Gears server question on match making

How am i supposed to gain ranks when every match you have 2 people who use up all your lives in tdm…this is an issue…People who are trying to rank cant bc everytime you get close you get knocked back bc 2 bad players on your team end up going 1-10 or 3-9…

TDM should be flipped and be first team to 25-30 Kills instead of first to lose 25 or so deaths.

This will stop camping and make it a lot more enjoyable.


That’s not a bad idea at all, can totally get behind that

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Could call it “Rush” or something.

But I think it would help make games more free flowing and encourage players to actively play for the kills and win than sit and camp.

That would be a better version i definantly agree there…It would also be better for the rankings since there trying to imply team strategy…

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