Gears reebot after 5?

Honestly, just reebot the franchise instead of trying to make gears 6 make sense

No, a sequel is the way to go


I’d quit playing if that happened , after all the games and written content that they built up and then just restart? Na especially since the story is the best part.


Never gonna happen.

What doesnt make sense? The only problem Im having with the story is TC giving us the choice and not just picking someone. That kind of thing doesnt belong in a story like Gears

By the way I think Del is gonna be cannon just because he still doesnt have a gilded skin lol


I’ve said a few times I think it would be a good way to revive the player base. Gears was huge at one point, and for good reason. Continuing in this direction with 6 feels like a slow march into obscurity. Is love to see a Gears 2 reboot on the new system.

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Like a Remaster or a Reboot? Two very different things.

They already did a “remaster” of sorts a couple years ago. Wouldn’t want to see the same exact thing rehashed again. A fresh Gears 2 that doesn’t deviate too much from the original, but gives people a reason to be excited, is what I want the most at this point.

Jesus Christ are you INSANE?! A reboot?!

Look at Gears 5. That is a result of them trying to go in a new direction. You want to tarnish the original trilogy by allowing them to be redone and receive that same treatment?!

This thread gave me an instant and very powerful migraine, it’s suddenly imperative that it should be deleted and forgot about.



I want six. I hate looking so far into the future…but I want six.

GEars 5 story is very intense, I want to know how it continues, what happens next, Kait as protagonist and all the other super cool characters

It’s clear by now GoW 4 and Gears 5 took it a new and fresh direction. I think it was the right move and I think they’ve done well with the new characters, weapons, enemies, and story arcs. At the same time they adequately revisited old characters and places, without dwelling on them to the point of it being repetitious and boring. They’ve already payed plenty adequate homage to the roots of the franchise.

My only nit picks about GoW 4 and Gears 5 are the Vulture at times dropping side by side incendiaries and the lack of a checkpoint when it’s engine blows make that boss fight too hard on Inconceivable, and Gears 5 needed an Inconceivable mode, as otherwise it lacks challenge and replay value. Everything else about both campaigns is very good and more than I expected though.

Reboot isnt necessary, trilogies come in threes. This game just had poor execution. If 6 doesn’t produce a good release then gears will go on hiatus for a few years or Microsoft ill sell the rights. Thats my best guess.

Agreed. Gears of War is STORY 1ST. The software is based on the campaign.

This thread is stupid written by another cry baby.

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