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Why has this game taken 4000 ranked points off me over night? Demoted me from masters to diamond, also not the first time, took 6000 off of me last week aswell denoting me from gold 3 to silver 1, is there something I’m missing or is this just broken, not the easiest to get to this rank feels a bit horrible to be just kicked out over night :expressionless:


Same here, i lost maybe 7000 points, wtf?


I’ve just come on and lost approx. 7000 on KOTH…


Some transparency from TC regarding the status of ranked would be nice. I don’t think we’ve heard anything official since 10/3 when the originally started making the adjustments.


System is a ■■■■■■■ joke…

Went from gold 1 (50%) to silver 3 (80%) after losing a 2v5.

I’ll be looking for a new game to play.

Edit - Honestly I’m sick of this ■■■■! The only game I play is gears… If your losing fans like me something is seriously wrong. You guys better get to work and fix these problems… At the very least we need more details, keep us in the loop.



Yeah just played a game of guardian and this win would have gotten me into diamond, but instead I went from onyx 3 to onyx 2.

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Do y’all know about this?

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The adjustment is still going on, this is part of it.


Thank you civilised, I really just needed an explanation as to why got demoted from masters to diamond over night, but it happened last night not on Oct 3rd…I dunno it’s all a little dodgy to me, need to talk to a gears member lol

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I’ve gone from Onyx 1 to Silver 3?!? What the hell? I’ve already had my rank recalibrated once and now I’ve wasted my time slowly building up my skill points to have it just randomly taken away for no reason? If they going to just keep moving the goalposts when they decide I might just call it a day


Remember gears4 ranked system, only 1% of the playerbase can be diamond, dunno exact numbers but say next 10% onyx next 20% gold etc

So with 1million players there’s
10000diamond places
200000gold etc etc

Roll on 3/4 weeks of ppl leaving the game
TC update ranked database
Only 100000 players now

1000diamond places

Another week
Only 10000players left
Another “adjustment” rolled out

100diamond spots, see where this is going?

If you didn’t make the cut, down you go

Disclaimer: Numbers and rank pulled out my a**
But you get the point right
Its a % system and a large % of the playerbase has left


No idea if this is right by the way, just trying to help make sence of the situation

Have you tried contacting TC on their official forums??


It’s over at Twitter :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes, I understand what you are saying but even so, most of my stats are in the top 10-20% of players, I’d been rewarded 18000 skill points, so why have 9000 been taken away?! I’ve been pulled back to the same rank as a friend that is silver 2 king of the hill that hasn’t even been playing the game so why haven’t they been cut accordingly?? 4 days of grind wasted.


Cuts are updated after a match, if they have not been playing they most likely havn’t been “updated”

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We both played tonight. I had lost 9000 and put in about 20 hours of grind. They haven’t played but remained the same. That isn’t logical to me?

Don’t look at it as time wasted, 4days of grinding would surely have

A, helped reduce your cut
B, helped keep your skills sharp rather than no play
C, your having fun playing gears right?

I’ve NEVER cared about rank or their poo rewards, I would recommend the same to others, gears has never been solid enough to bother imo

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Logical? Lol

You’re in the wrong parta town boi

I get some people don’t care about rank but I do, fighting for a multiplayer rank is what keeps me interested in the long term. Gears 4 ranking system wasn’t perfect but at least it didn’t constantly cut your rank without warning. I got to onyx 3 in gears 4, I think I should be onyx or gold at worst in this one so I don’t get why they keep cutting people randomly. Like I say it still doesn’t explain why 9000 of my skill points have magically disappeared into the ether.


This is the second time I had mine adjusted but I thought the 1st time I just got demoted because I hadn’t played in 2 weeks, I lost 6000 then went from gold 3 to silver 1 :expressionless: and now from masters to diamond 1 then onyx and again demoted to gold 2 so I dont know. Sort it out please

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No no no, not the ether

I’ve got them

All excess skill points skimmed of the top redirect to my profile

#we are anonymous

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