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Gears quit penalty

In a recent update, I was under the impression that you no longer get penalized for quitting a rank match. If I bought and paid for this game, shouldn’t I have the right to choose to quit a game when the whole team just sucks?

I’m sorry, I don’t care who made this game, if you want my money, you better make it okay for the customer to choose to quit instead of going through a excruciating match.

Since I bought your product, it is now my product because I own it, hence because I bought it from you, so at this point TC has 2 choices, completely remove the penalty or your player base drops down again to the point where you don’t have a choice.

Who are you to take 22 minutes to a full day away because I don’t want to play with players who suck, that isn’t even in the terms of this game when you buy it in the first place, so technically what your doing by penalizing players for quitting and making them wait anywhere to a half hour to a full day to play is ripping the consumer off.

You better start understanding who holds the cards here, we are the ones who have the money to buy your game, we can also not buy it if we want to, or the next one that comes out for all that matters.

Nothing is stopping you from playing the game.

Go play on a different account if you want to play so badly.


Too bad. You quit so stop your crying. Good to see the quit penalty is annoying a few of you scrubs.

Here’s a simple solution which would save all your hassle. Don’t quit matches and if you really feel the need to quit like a b#### don’t play ranked and stick to casual mode were you belong.


On the same lines have TC taken away the penalty if you quit AFTER a team mate leaves?

The amount of games we are down a man or even 2 in Hill or Escalation and you are forced to play it or get banned is very poor.


He’s clearly saying he quits if he thinks his team are crap. The no quit penalty if someone has already left was designed to help people against quitters exactly like him so he doesn’t need you posting things like that to support his b#### rant.

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Sorry! Calm down mate. I will post on any thread Ilike.

As I started my post with"On the same lines… "

For what it is worth I am not endorsing him quitting on a team he thinks are crap. If I was in his lobby/team and he did this, I would be extremely peed off and report him.

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Calm down lol look again at my post-it’s as calm as can be. I just called his rant a b#### rant but it doesn’t mean it’s heated or something.

You told me he didn’t need me posting things like that to support his b… rant.

Be Daddy Cool man :sunglasses:

Ok so he says he quits games because he doesn’t like his teammates and thinks getting banned is unfair and you pipe in basically saying yeah I know man you can’t even quit after someone quits now…

No sympathy here. Rank completion matches is what TC looks for. So hopefully your quit penalties increase and you here complaining even more in the future.

  1. You bought a license to play the game.
  2. Terms of service state that license owners must comply with terms of service.
  3. Developer stated: quit a ranked game and you will be penalized.
  4. If you already reached a day of suspension then it means you’ve been doing this for a while.
  5. In a team base game your quitting damages your teammates experience and that is why you get a penalty.

Bottom line: Stick to social


It really wouldn’t surprise me if you were one of those Xbox players who intentionally sucks,. Or even worse, one of those Xbox players who just stands in one spot and does nothing the whole match, or one of those crap box players who knows I’m on PC, and you are on crap box with buff that makes me not able to hit you or get any hit points even after 3 shots. You see I better damn well have every right to quit out and not have to put up with that BS, or worse yet, your the only one in your team who is actually doing something in the match your playing. But hey, it’s okay, I guess I’m just being one of those cry babies huh, just like those crap box cry babies who were getting owned before the last update rolled out, and now there is a mysterious bug that makes crap box players more Superior with a nasher than a PC player, must suck being stuck with crap box huh, never going to be on our level, console will always be weaker.

I’m just not a quitter buddy. I have went 20+and 0 quite a few times on ranked tdm before and the other full teams have stayed so why should I quit like a b#### when I’m getting beatings like 2 for 9 etc?Wouldnt really be fair would it if I quit when I’m losing and my stats would be fake.

I bet you don’t quit when you’re on the good team and the crap players as you say are on the other team. It’s embarrassing you even made this post. Says a lot about your IQ. I hope you get banned even more in the future. Have fun getting your 48 hour bans lol it sounds like you would be better suited to quickplay then you can quit as much as you like.

Says it all when you look at how many people have read your crap and you don’t even have one thumbs up lmao. Hey guys my names doom and I quit when I’m losing in ranked matches and cry when I get banned. It’s not fair wah wah wah wah


Quit baby

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Quit baby


I can see you are having fun with these posts now. Fair play if that makes you happy, I kinda get it. People are rising to the bait, so you keep laying more bait.

You are right you have purchased the game and you are as entitled as anyone to post your concerns.

The thing is TC have implemented a system most of us understand and are happy (maybe not the correct verb) to play by those rules.

Perhaps play custom or social ?


Better yet go play fortnite

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Stick to social if you wanna quit when you feel like it. That’s what it’s there for.

All quitters in ranked/competitive modes suk balls. no exceptions

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Im no verses player…but @Duffman_GB duffman made a non aggressive relevant point…if players quit on your team you should be able to leave without penalty…or have a forfeit option🙄


You are a bit late to the conversation. It just felt by the way he wrote it as if some way he was sympathising with OP. His reply seemed out of place. The OP is crying about crap teammates making him quit and duffman just goes yeah you should be able to quit after your teammate quits. In the context of the conversation it looked like he was relating to him.

He took what I said the wrong way anyway. I said this guy doesn’t need any encouragement from you which was meant tongue in cheek not some angry reply like he made it out to be. I was kind of joking…implying the OP is a prat and cmon don’t be talking about more reasons to quit when this guys obviously a hardcore quit baby as it is.

After duffman explained that he was not in any way agreeing with quit baby I realised I had misunderstood the fact he was making an entirely different point exclusive to quit babies post about quitting when you have as he puts it crap teammates…