Gears Quickplay - KOTH

What has happened to Quickplay KOTH?

Now 4 v 4
No bots
People enter but can’t join the game

Ranked crashing all the time. 4 stacks every round if you’re lucky enough to find a game.


I guess quickplay is community service now. It’s where you learn all the dirty tricks.

First every social KOTH match was 4v4 and 2 Bots per team.

The bots were completely irritating and I stopped playing.

Now I keep hearing the BOTS are removed but no players can join midway, similar to rank?

Are the matches uneven from start to finish?

Or will the game wait till 4v4 before beginning at least?

Always seem uneven when I’ve joined. Then people enter the game and are unable join halfway . So it’s 4 v 2 most of the time. Not much fun .

On, thanks.
I’ll just wait and see if they ever fix these issues before wasting the download time and storage space.