Gears Pro Circuit All Access is on tonight, in EU, its late

Event at 5PM PST/8PM EST, its at 2AM (GMT+1), so late for dropping skin. The previous time just before the final Optic gaming VS Echo Fox, i missed the quest, because I fell asleep :(, it’s a shame that the quests are not retroactive during the replay.

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Usually they begin 19h here. Today is 21h…

Didn’t like it.

They cant do quests retroactively during reply anyway as quests are set up/opened/closed manually

Yeah they should really start these All Access streams 2 hours earlier for the international folk. It’ll be 1am in UK before the stream even starts.

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Markza is out.

Torque Bow too

Yeah, blinked and there it was!

True, but at least it’s only 1 hour long, whereas Fight Nights start 2 hours earlier but often last 3 hours anyway, but yes ideally for us in the EU a similar start time to Fight Nights would be preferred.

It’s hosted by a different team though, they do two interviews/Q&A’s, so more people involved which is probably why it’s more evening time for the USA.

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Yeah the maestro (the company/system that allows for the Quests) had an update and notifications aren’t as good as they were before, they’re working on it and hope to be better in future streams.

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2 am in Norway :smiley: Honestly, starting work at 5 am here, so been a while since I’ve watched these events anyway. Same with most of EU.


The new one was “Corp” Torque Bow’skin

Thats for the weekly dev stream not esports stream.

Esport streams skins are different to dev stream skins.

Yes Dev Stream.