Gears POP! Update

With Gears Pop! closing on April 26, 2021 we promised to look into making the adventure towards the game’s conclusion that much more enjoyable, conversations have taken place since then and we’re happy to confirm the following changes will be going live shortly:

  • Increased rewards will be granted from events
  • We will be increasing the rewards of the first win of the day Gear Packs
  • 50% reduction in all Pin upgrade costs
  • 50% increase in XP received from Pin upgrades
  • Finally, keep an eye out for an Inbox message from us which contains 1,001 Pins with 1 guaranteed legendary.

We will monitor the impact of these changes closely and will make updates, as needed in the coming weeks.
Thank you for sticking with us until the end!


With Reups and Pop made easier, can we get a reduction for the Versus-achievements now?

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Since TC is updating everything for us (which we all appreciate). Any chance we can get an update for the Events Achievement in Judgement? Really wanting to complete that game and only need one more event ribbon.


When does this update happen?

A lot of us have been asking for this to get fixed for YEARS. There is an explanation somewhere of why it’s difficult for them to update and fix the issue. Besides that, it’s extremely low on their priority list with them focusing most of their time in Gears 5 and the inevitable Gears 6

Never going to happen unfortunately. Last update we got on it was that they need a 360 testing environment for it, which they don’t have at the studio, and would take a lot of effort to set-up. I imagine nothing has changed since then.

Considering that a new console generation is upon us now, it looks less likely now that TC will do it than it did back in 2018 when they said this statement, and it looked very unlikely then.

Considering this has been an issue for 6 years now I’ve pretty much given up on all hope of a resolution. TC clearly don’t care enough to do anything for this achievement.

In the past year the game type changed 2 times just no event ribbon given out with either of the gametypes that were in place. I’m at 29/30 and not having that one is a rough wound to heal. If the game can be changed I fell like it could change to a new previous gametype and hope that it changes. I sure if they change it once a month or once every 3 months hell even once a year many would be happy.

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I would be happy with that, I never had the opportunity to go towards this achievement, its always been broken since I started playing the game regularly. I can imagine it’s quite frustrating to be so close to it as well.

The sad thing is, if the achievement was to be fixed or given out or whatever, I’d go and get all the achievements in Judgment in a heartbeat. I imagine quite a few people would do that as well. The population would increase for a few weeks as well.

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