(Gears POP!) (SOLVED) A little nerf with how many coins you win for emblems that you already got

Yeah, too bad the goalpost for arenas and Bronze keeps getting pushed up while it seems to not get easier to move up the ranks… another reason I currently don’t play. Well, if I will even go back beyond occasionally checking for a (daily) reward. The whole balance mess and that I kept frequently matched with Level 10+ opponents while I’m sitting there at Level 8/9 and asking myself why I even bothered also didn’t help.

You certainly have more tolerance for the BS than me with this game…

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If I get matched up with someone many levels above me I just usually let it go and continue with other stuff, like reading the forum.

The game is extremely aggravating when you try to play against someone who has either grinded the game out more or has paid a ton of money,

I think the game is a disgusting example of where it is trying to push people towards gambling and thorwing large sums of money without thinknig and as such I don’t give them a single cent.

The recent update has made things better, but there is still so much inconsistency and rubbish, one example being that patch notes arent published on the PC version so we have to go to the website, and that hasn’t been updated since mid june,

If I wasn’t trying to get all/as many achievements in the Gears series as possible I wouldn’t touch it.

Given my experience after the first 2-3 weeks/months of it being out… I’d have spent more time not playing and always getting pushed back down because I was getting matched with opponents (ab)using the OP pins to hell and back or having broken team comps and/or being far more leveled than me who wasn’t spending money on the game, where player skill mattered very little vs using the OP pins or outright broken combinations of them.

Honestly not really missing it. The few times where I did have fun were either early on or far and few between.

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Question for @GhostofDelta2 and @Phil_the_Bear

Do you have problems with horde? I had a lot of disconnected errors in June-July, I even send a ticket and they answered saying they solved the issue for horde. I had almost no problems until last week. If I play 10 horde matches, 2 or 4 I got the message of disconnection and obviously lost that thumper. There was 1 time that I got the message just after finishing first wave, and I didn’t get any pins.

The problem is that happened while I play with the 2nd account too. Now that thumpers are scarce, it feels worse than before, specially when there are horde events.

Maybe I need to submit a ticket again

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Having a number of issues with Hordes recently relating to both d/c or the last wave of horde not awarding the relevant box despite beating it fine.

I have started putting in tickets each time to get my rewards and to highlight that it is an issue.

Pinging @TC_Sera just as a FYI that it isn’t just me.

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I’ve not had issues with disconnects during. But have had it where it fails to get me in the game.

Will have to raise tickets if it keeps happening. As an IT manager I should practice what I preach given our mantra of “if there isn’t a ticket it didn’t happen”!

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Yesterday I made a mistake and level up my account to level 16.Now my 2nd account is level 15 with almost 5000 EXP. It will be months until my 2nd account reach lvl 16 (The moral of the story is not to keep my account so close to lvl up until my 2nd account is almost at my same EXP).

Also, I win 1 legendary pin (RAAM) playing RAAM unleashed, so I’m very happy with the new rewards for playing horde. Let’s see if today I win another legendary while helping my crew to reach a good spot on this horde event.

FYI, since last update I’m getting 3 thumpers for playing RAAM Unleashed!

I’m trying to get rid of thumpers but now I’m winning more than I can use

Update has put thumpers back in lootboxes, I even got more than one from a single box!

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Are those thumpers low level? Every thumper that I won on horde was lvl 1 or lvl 8

And I wrote a support ticket. I got disconnected every day, losing the thumper and the rewards. I’ll update when I had an answer

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No, got the max level winter thunderlands, brumaks, raam’s etc.

Oddly enough played some butcher hordes and almost every box from horde was giving me a thumper.

I am up 30 thumpers so far today :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got a question about Bruce:

Is he from Gears Tactics? I don’t remember any Bruce on OG games

I think Gears 4 had a bot called Bruce in the Aspho Fields part of the prologue.


I forgot about that, thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile:

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I have another question:

Since “new boxes” update, I didn’t find Coin Fortune thumpers and daily missions about using skills, fortifications and projectiles.

I know that Coin fortune is obsolete now because RAAM Unleashed gives you the same account or more, and I don’t miss those daily missions. It was just a hindrance (my new english word learned today) to complete (mostly because if I did in versus I lost almost everytime).

I have had all those daily missions personally.

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I have a last question (for now, at least).

Somebody knows what happens if you have 1000 thumpers? Like everything on this game, duplicates transforms into coins. I’m very close to reach 900 thumpers

Also, I don’t know if this happened before the extra supply of thumpers, but everytime that I won a Big Butcher event (level 1) I got Sentry debris at the end of the match


I don’t use any sentry on my team, so that means Big Butcher is only a giant walking Sentry so Kait and Juvies can attack him

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1000+ thumpers will result in 1 coin per thumper earned instead of going past the max.

You can temp go beyond the max if you start below 1000 and get over 1000 total from the same horde, eg start at 999 and end up at 1003 but this will be fixed next horde game

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Getting 1 coin per thumper is like a scam, so I’ll try to get rid of them. At least I have 250+ coin fortune who can’t give me extra thumpers.

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I delete all the drop stop and roll ones.

I am hoping they update it so it gives 100 or 1000 coins per thumper

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