(Gears POP!) (SOLVED) A little nerf with how many coins you win for emblems that you already got

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Is this like the Legendary pack that you won on events?

As always, low coins on everything. I’m still wondering if it’s worth the wait

From regular versus

I’m saying if the content of the box are similar to the one that you win playing versus event. I don’t take screenshot so I don’t remember what you get on those packs

This is much better, but the versus events haven’t occured sicne the new version :slight_smile:

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Nice :slight_smile:

Let’s see what happens when October starts. Now with the new boxes I want to see if doing events was the right move and if this will be sustainable until the game dies

Is Gears Pop not just a pay to win game?

It is, those of us that don’t pay have a frustrating time.


Omen packs back to what they were previously.

I wonder if this is intentional or a bug as the omen packs usually have a thumper during the weekend and don’t during the week. Wouldn’t surprise me if the devs forgot to change both lots.

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Omen packs going back to low crystals is rubbish

It takes a couple months at a time to be able to buy the 1.25 million coins at the moment

30 crystals per day of daily challenges is 210 a week

Add the 140 crystals for weekly challenges is 350 a week

Just those would take 13 weeks to get the 4500 crystals

But of course you get the <5 daily for omen pack and the 50 or so for horde events and end of month bonuses

It’s still probably 8 weeks per coin pile you can open

I’m player level 15 with 8206 XP in that tier and the highest pin I have is level 16.

How many more years to go?

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This is where I am

After just over a year I am 21% of the way to the highest pin and 22% of the way to max level.

It is easier than at launch but all else being equal it would take roughly 5 years.

Edit: With the thumpers like RAAM and Brumak giving thousands of coins and many more pins this does lessen the grind, but hard to calculate as this will vary greatly as people have wildly different amounts they have access to.

Another potentially useless bit of info:

I checked out the horde event rewards and in the gold boxes there is a 100% chance of a raam thumper, so I wonder if due to higher rewards Pop is intentionally giving out less thumpers and leaving them for weekend omen boxes, store and event rewards only.

The blue boxes from the event have a 50% chance of a Brumak thumper,

If horde thumpers will be scarce then crew recruitment will be: Doesn’t matter your level or COG tags, just how many thumpers you have.

I have 2 players with more than 500 thumpers on my crew, but I am a little busy with other games (finishing Doctor Kawashima brain training for Switch and my TA sessions for Gears 2 JP) so I didn’t have much time to play

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I have 702 thumpers

My crew isn’t overly active


A lot of the people I play with have 500-750, certainly is more valuable now

(I have 511 for reference)

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Finally I got a Legendary box, now I have to wait until tomorrow.

Speaking of legendaries, someone knows if now with legendary box the random legendary pin that can drop with a very low % on every other box exists? I am not surprised if they removed that random possibility in exchange for the legendary box

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Yes, gold boxes still give a chance. 1.55% for arena 8, 1.6% for the bronze tier. 1.65% for silver tier and 1.7% for the gold tier. I haven’t checked below that but gives a good pattern :slight_smile:

Ingame you can see this information if you know where to look :slight_smile:

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I always forgot that :roll_eyes:

Also, I was number 1 in a past event only for a minute, but still counts for me :upside_down_face:

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