(Gears POP!) (SOLVED) A little nerf with how many coins you win for emblems that you already got

With the new style for boxes (I’m still trying to learn which box represent the original box), I got a repeated emblem.

Before the new boxes, repeated emblems gave you 250 coins, but now I got only 50 for them.

It’s not so much, but in the long term (and grind) this will be a difference. I just hope that emblem drops stay at the same % or less

I have gotten a few repeated emblems but they all siad +250 coins??

I saw 50 coins since today, I’m waiting for another emblem to drop and took a screenshot.

I hope that was only an error and repeated emblems still give 250 coins.

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Mine all came in Horde matches.

I wonder if it said 250 but only gave 50 and that got corrected by the time you saw it.

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It was only that emblem. Today I got one from VS box and I got 250 coins.

I don’t know what happened, but thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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I don’t remember getting repeat emblems before. I didn’t know it was a possiblity.

Anyone know why they changed the Gear Packs in the first place? The colors are a little whacked out.

Also, anyone know if it’s possible to get a Legendary Pack just from PvP or is it only event, horde, special rewards, and purchased from the store?

I always skip through my rewards so fast I never even knew you got coins for repeat emblems.

These new boxes just seem to be trying to force us into using crystals to unlock early. The cool downs are super long.

First win of the day is 4 hours
Green is 3 hours
Purple is 6 hours
Gold is 12 hours

I’ve not got the legendary one from PvP yet though

They do seem to have more in them though and the Omen box now seems to give at least 10 crystals instead of 3-5.


I have gotten 13 and 14 from my two omen packs since the change, its a nice increase.

The first win bonus pack takes longer and is worse in terms of payout, but the lower two boxes give a better payout that the previous 3 lowest boxes and for a better cool down.

Overall I think the new system is better, though I do notice I am not getting thumpers from the packs.

Just got a leg pack in casual PVP, 24 hours.

Update: Just got one that gave +200 as well as a few more +250, so I think they now are done by rarity.

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Just got a legendary crate as well

24 hours is nuts. Better give tons of stuff

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Thanks for the updates about Emblems, Omen and Legendary packs. :+1:t2:

I got 14 crystals today, and I’m getting more “gold” boxes than before (the ones that you open after 12 hrs).

Phil, can you update what you get with the legendary box? TA forums for other things that aren’t recruiting for a crew are dead, so I’m trying to get info here.

Also, I played against you this week if I’m not mistaken, but I don’t remember if was with my account or the 2nd one. Anyway, nice team you got, I just have the same team since I stopped playing for gold rank. I don’t bother leveling pins that aren’t for my versus team, horde or for dailies like Skill, Fortificaction and Projectile team.

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MIne opens in 14 hours, I can update then :slight_smile:

Hoping to start seeing thumpers again

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I never opened boxes with crystals, but how many crystals do you need to open that box? :open_mouth:

Also, thanks in advance for the box info :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it was 36.

Btw got a RAAM pin drop when playing the Brumak Horde. Any Horde with Epic boxes (Winter wonderland, RAAM unleashed, Brumak) will have a chance of dropping a legendary, as well as giving much better rewards than before, including coins.

Now a Brumak lvl 8 gives more coins than a lvl 16 coin fortune.

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Do you have a crew?

Yessir, want in?

What’s the cog requirements?

Will check and PM you with details :slight_smile:

Cool I only got 2467

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I will try to remember to take a screenshot. It opens tomorrow morning!

We did play this week. I thought I recognised the name.

At the moment I just nudge into bronze league each month and just play casual mode all month (or the events they put on).

I can’t stand playing competitive. Silver league and up is way too stressful.

The team I use in casual mode is as upgraded as I can make it. Think I have a few level 16 bronze pins.

Literally every single other pin I have could be upgraded but I don’t want to! I would rather be player level 15 with a very good squad than player level 16 with an average squad. Trying to make it as easy as I can on myself.

With these new cool downs I’m finding I play much less because my chests are full up longer.