Gears Pop should have been this

I personally don’t care one bit about Gears Pop. And as far as I can tell no one else is really saying much about it. I’m not sure why they put time, effort, and resources towards making a mobile game. I’m not even sure if TC is behind the development or if it was outsourced. Anyways, I feel like if TC wanted to take the franchise to new places then they should have followed what Halo did and make a full fledged RTS game.

I’m not an RTS fan at all but just because it was Halo skinned and had some lore involved I immediately had desire to play it (Halo Wars). I really enjoyed my time playing it and I suck at strategy games LOL. Gears has enough story to make an interesting RTS game. You have factions like; The COG, Stranded, UIR, Locust, Swarm, and Lambent ect. All of these factions could be playable teams much like what Halo Wars did.

This combined with a little bit of innovation like giving these factions their own set of vehicles, bases, troops ect would be really cool to experience. Again, all much like how Halo Wars is setup. Newly added designs to Halo Wars like weapons and vehicles never at all took away from the main installment of games. I never felt like they added something that didn’t belong or didn’t feel like it was Halo to me. Probably because it was an RTS game and not its conventional shooter experience. Therefore necessary innovation didn’t hurt the conventional Halo games for me. For example, there were plenty of vehicles available in Halo Wars (2) that were non-existent in Halo 5. And that felt completely fine with me.

I’m pretty confident they can pull off a really successful RTS game (TC). By all means, I prefer Gears as a 3rd person cover based game. And actually resent change within the game. However if they had to do something different then I think an RTS game would be pretty cool. And they could go all out with making changes to the game without going too far and hurting the veteran fanbase.

But this is all my opinion. You may think Gears Pop is the best idea ever and hate RTS type games.
Let me know what you guys think?
If Gears had to produce something else besides it’s main installment what would you want it to be? My vote would be an RTS game as of now.
I’d like to see some cool ideas

We are getting Gears tactics this year as well.
As for Pop , I’m not sold at all.

If it’s free I’ll most definitely download and try it out as the addiction that is gears I have to…but by no means
at all am i expecting it to blow my mind and be on it 24/7 like I am regular gears of war…gears tactics on the other hand I can see doing well if it’s implemented well…think about it as gears on a slower pace …being able to think every outcome and then make ur push…ive never been a turn based gamer but would also be giving this a try simply cuz the idea of tactics intrigues me…either way I don’t think TC made a bad move here delving into different aspects of gaming…yes I agree and hate change within the game I love so much(split tunings) cough cough lol but I am glad they are trying to keep my favorite franchise Alive that epic games just quit on

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