Gears POP! servers to close in April 2021, all achievements to be discontinued

@HerrKatzchen Was faster, you can probably just close this thread anyways.

Guess I’ll uninstall this game off my tablet now.

Kinda gave up after figuring out how much time (read: money) it would take to get to a decent level in the game.

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I feel bad for all the people that I’ve seen playing it.
I’m glad I never started since they clearly weren’t serious about it.


Count me in that lot. I counted it up and sadly I had spent over $1,000.00 on the Pop in-game lottery. I’m barely halfway to reaching Player Level 20.

It will drive me to drink, but looks like I’m going to be grinding on the Horde Thumpers now.

As much as I hated the Pay-To-Win and effectively Pay-For-Achievements of Pop, I really hate how it looks like they’re giving every Free-To-Play player the one finger salute now.


Mmm… I wonder if it’s a good idea to kick inactive players from my crew now or at the end of next month.

My crew hasn’t COG restrictions, so 2 things can happen:

1- If I kick players now, maybe next players will be low level.

2- Maybe players will see that obtaining the last achievements without paying would be impossible and abandon the game.

Anyway, it feels like a sunked ship and the survivors going to the top of the ship for not getting drowned.

I’m level 16 with only 3.000 EXP. I’ll start playing Thunderland non-stop, but I need to keep an eye to Gears 5 too…

Decisions, decisions

Sad that just after a year they announced it’s closure in April. I played this game bc it was Gears and a cross with Clash Royale which I played back in the day. It’s a shame we won’t even make it to the 2nd year b4 shut down. Wish we could be told why tho we can all speculate.

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I don’t think I could possibly care less if I tried.


I plugged in that into my spreadsheet and you are 12.49% of the way to max level.

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I was gonna play it but unfortunately it wasn’t available for my phone so I never did, pretty glad I didn’t install it on my PC either


@GhostofDelta2 what is the best way to get through to the powers that be to make them see sense on how much more generous they need to be to help us complete the game?

179 days left. 3 daily challenges giving 7500 coins each. That gives 4,027,500 coins.

I have one bronze pin at level 17 and if I had the pins 1 which I do not it would cost 1,610,000 coins to get just him to 20.

Don’t even get me started on how much it would cost to get to player level 20.

I have 3,138 wins and I’m player level 16 with 2865 xp

I’m never going to get there if I play every day

They need to do more

The daily store items all need to be free.
The daily challenges need to give more.
The weekly challenges need to give more.
All the chests need to give more.
The chest cool downs need to be less.

Or they need to lower the requirements.

And to the other people in this thread, yes I’m getting annoyed and frustrated that I’ve spent hundreds of hours on a game and I can’t finish it.

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Oddly enough the day before the announcement I was chatting to Sera about how expensive it still is and how disgusted I was with the game, the lack of support and the estimate of how much money it would take to get various things completed.

Same, I have a couple of people that want to spam horde to try to get it done but I know the majority of people are going to simply give up because of the time and effort it will take to possibly finish it.


My goal was to at least get the Seriously achievement (my final missing one) but I’m not sure if I can make it in time… I’m about 30% there and I’m not sure if Versus wins are still bugged and still awarded by playing Horde. I did take a very long break so that’s why I’m a bit behind there.

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I might create another thread later with some maths and tag them all.

Literally beside myself with incandescent rage the more I think about it. Because of 100 gamerscore I probably can never get.


Your not the only one mate. That’s 100 I won’t be getting.


Then Hordes keep d/c for people (myself and others I know)

This is super frustrating

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Thanks for the numbers :slight_smile:

I had to talk with my crew (in-game, I don’t use Discord or similar) about the servers’ shutdown. I gave them the chance to abandon ship (leave the crew) if they don’t want to spend time in a game that they couldn’t finish.

Everyone who answer said that they will be playing until the end. Now every time that I’m online I saw horde invites, I can’t even play versus without seeing horde notifications.

After this horde event ends, I have to make room for 1 player from TA who wants to be in an active crew, the problem is almost every active crew ask for Discord, and I don’t. He told me that I was very nice to accept him on my crew.

We are all on this :poop: together.

Also, Phil: If I saw you with my 2nd account (I found you this week or on weekend, I can’t remember) I’ll let you win again. That account only need more pins and coins, I can handle that playing horde.

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Makes me glad I never got too invested in this game and never gave it any money. Trying to complete Gears 4 kinda knocked most of the completionist feelings I might have had out of me with its dumb Versus achievements especially.

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I’m honestly really disheartened now

Unless they amend the drops to be super generous or change the requirements I can’t see this happening

It I will take all the wins I can and reassess in a month to see if I’m getting anywhere

I think that I need to “pause” every other game (except dailies on Nintendo 3DS) to focus only on this.

Gears 5, I’m not losing anything important: Re-up 26, ToD medals that I’m about to finish soon (event medals) and for the next OP I don’t have any faith.

Fallout Shelter: I need to be AFK for 1 achievement, so it’s OK.

Gears of War 2 JP: I can’t play when my team is online doing horde, so it’s the same.

Pokemon GO: I play it while I’m outside, so it’s OK.

Sorry Gears 5, I can play only when the 2nd account is out (battery running low). I’ll miss going for cards with Kat and Sarah Connor :laughing:

this is a real crime against all achievement hunters, as I understand it, people cannot even buy items that will help them complete the game 100%. I really hope that someday microsoft will make it possible to delete game statistics that were created by unscrupulous developers from the account. Personally, I have not played this game, but I understand how hard it is for those people who expected to get 100% in it at one time.
I’m just at a loss, how can you do this with the players? people were really wasting their time and money, but they just presented them with a fact and said thank you !!! THANK YOU !!! ?? Seriously ???

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