Gears POP! servers to close in April 2021, all achievements to be discontinued

Makes me glad I never got too invested in this game and never gave it any money. Trying to complete Gears 4 kinda knocked most of the completionist feelings I might have had out of me with its dumb Versus achievements especially.

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I’m honestly really disheartened now

Unless they amend the drops to be super generous or change the requirements I can’t see this happening

It I will take all the wins I can and reassess in a month to see if I’m getting anywhere

I think that I need to “pause” every other game (except dailies on Nintendo 3DS) to focus only on this.

Gears 5, I’m not losing anything important: Re-up 26, ToD medals that I’m about to finish soon (event medals) and for the next OP I don’t have any faith.

Fallout Shelter: I need to be AFK for 1 achievement, so it’s OK.

Gears of War 2 JP: I can’t play when my team is online doing horde, so it’s the same.

Pokemon GO: I play it while I’m outside, so it’s OK.

Sorry Gears 5, I can play only when the 2nd account is out (battery running low). I’ll miss going for cards with Kat and Sarah Connor :laughing:

this is a real crime against all achievement hunters, as I understand it, people cannot even buy items that will help them complete the game 100%. I really hope that someday microsoft will make it possible to delete game statistics that were created by unscrupulous developers from the account. Personally, I have not played this game, but I understand how hard it is for those people who expected to get 100% in it at one time.
I’m just at a loss, how can you do this with the players? people were really wasting their time and money, but they just presented them with a fact and said thank you !!! THANK YOU !!! ?? Seriously ???

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Who would have thought that this wasn’t the best idea ever…

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I want to ask is someone knows if you can still redeem the codes from IRL Gears Funko POP.

I hate the figures, I only had Myrrah and Brumak because there aren’t other figures of them. But I’m a crew leader and I know that sooner or later someone will ask me the same question

Ah… So is that mean Gears 6 will be Gears POP 2!? So from a Fortnite clone it will turn into a POP clone!? :grin:

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I would have played this had it not been online pvp. Shame.

Who is gonna host private servers? Anyone?

Several people risking profile bans by using the second profile glitch to pop all the achievements.

No way in hell I would risk my account for something so trivial as achievements… these people are crazy!


From the thread about Chaps’ recap from yesterday’s dev stream.

Let’s not forget that in this case, being “unfair to those who achieved it already” really means unfair to those who already bought these achievements. And, it is no longer possible to spend money in Pop. So unless TC or MediaTonic does something to help everyone else out, the ONLY people who will have “achieved” the max player and pin levels are the few people who spent several thousand dollars on this “free” game.

We’re not asking for these achievements to just auto-pop for everyone… Though I would not mind if that happened… But we’re just asking for something to be done to allow the community of Gears players still playing Pop to have a legitimate chance to reach the max player and pin levels for the final achievements most of us still need to finish the game.

As it has been mentioned before in the other thread, there are several options for how the “something” can be done:

  1. Lower the requirements, like reach Player Level 10 instead of 20, and level a pin half way (level-wise) to max.
  2. Give everyone enough in-game resources to reach max pin and player level, though that would require 1,826,128 common pins, 417,168 rare pins, 77,680 epic pins, 3,213 legendary pins, and 129,860,548 coins to max everything out.
  3. Drastically increase the rewards in-game to make it possible to earn the resources needed to reach max pin and player level in the next 178 days.
  4. Hybrid of 1 & 2/3. lower the requirements and give a ton of in-game resources.
  5. Auto-pop all remaining achievements the next time people open the game.

They can also lower the time for versus boxes to open. Crystals are now more valuable, I don’t think of many F2P players spending on open boxes.

Also, I don’t understand why they eradicated crystals from daily missions, even when the store still needs them to purchase coins and boxes.

Another thing: Why do you need to download 26 MB if the game is already dead? This is my only hope for changes that help players.

Transform every box on Legendary and lower the time (or better: remove them) from versus boxes.

Gift would give you Legendary or Gold pin(s)

Remove Emblems from boxes. Nobody wants them, they are wasting a slot and even if you have them, getting 50 to 250 coins doesn’t benefit anyone.

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I would happily take auto pop for everyone

Basically everyone gets the level 20 achievements automatically. You still have to earn the others because they are legitimate.

Then everyone could just stop playing the game. Less maintenance for them.

And as for Dana’s “we aren’t allowed to change the achievement”. What utter nonsense. Please take a look at Grind Season in that really old game called Gears 5 where they already did it.


And don’t forget Seriously 4’s earn every ribbon achievement. That got changed to every ribbon except 3 ( frag tag someone who is retro charging, and… I forget the other 2) on the 1-year anniversary of Gears 4’s launch, which was over a year before TC stopped adding achievements to G4.


They’re also reimbursing any purchases within the last 90 days. Could you imagine being that one dude who decided on September 30th, “hmm I guess it’s time to spend my $6,000 on gears POP”, then grabs the level 20 achievements, and ends up getting reimbursed the full $6,000! Oh, if only time machines existed today.


Should’ve just invested this energy into 5.

Idk why they’re trying to expand on a brittle base.

Still Sucks to see games go so early. Especially gears games.

Also, keep in mind that they have to change the description for the Cole/Paduk/Clay cheevos with OP5. It’s almost hilarious how out of touch Dana is with the game he’s supposed to represent.


I think the problem with Gears Pop! was that it didn’t offer anything to the casual mobile market that wasn’t already there. It literally was an identical clone of Clash Royale (CR) right down to every border on the interphase. And the only reason to play it over CR was if you liked Gears, which is why I gave it a go for awhile. Beyond that, CR was everything that Gears Pop! was and a whole lot more.

Not saying they won’t change them but technically they don’t have to change the achievements. They could leave them as is and people would have to equip cole with his previous ultimate to get it. (And so on for other achievements)

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My problem with Pop was the lack of gameplay for me, and the way you got pins.

At launch, there were only Horde events and Versus battles (plus you had training grounds but, not a lot of people will be playing this mode regularly, let’s be real). If you dont have a clan, well, guess you can’t do Horde.

Plus, the VS was so unsatisfying that it just annoyed me and stopped me playing. Things became frustrating very quickly.

And I compare it to a game like Jurassic World Alive, a completely different genre of game, basically Pokemon Go just with dinosaurs for those wondering, but it has multiple gameplay elements that help keep me playing.

I hate the VS battles in that game, but I still play it, because the other gameplay elements are fun, and dont require other people to do for the most part.

There are multiple ways to get duplicate dinosaur DNA other than, “buy X lootbox and hope you get lucky”. Getting a high level dinosaur feels rewarding. Whereas getting pins in Pop always felt like I got lucky.

I do agree with you though, it did look like a CR clone (which didn’t bother me personally as I have never played CR), but that will have certainly affected the initial population. But I do think there’s more to it.

Its mind boggling when you look at how long this was in development for, the branding behind it, and how hard it flopped.