Gears POP! servers to close in April 2021, all achievements to be discontinued

Wonder how many ppl will start whaling to get their precious completion.

No one. In-app purchases are now disabled.


Completely mixed up threads, didn’t even see you posted this. :slight_smile:

That’s fine. @GhostofDelta2 could you close this one? Thankies :*

@GhostofDelta2 Rather close mine since HerrK was faster.

Well you got 100% on this right?

Yeah…? I mean, I don’t feel “elite” for doing so. I feel really bad for anyone who was working their butts off trying to complete this. Less than 2 years for any game is a bunch of crap.

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Did they say why they are shutting it down? Shocked it’s only 1-1/2 years or so and boom, gone.

Of course they didn’t. It would have been more shocking had they given a reason.

But that reason would have probably been a fake reason anyway. I’m assuming it is because of the dwindling player base for the game, but I have no proof to back that claim.

Maybe next we will be getting a message stating that Ranked is being removed from Gears 5 :laughing:

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Does this mean gears pop will no longer be available if you don’t have it by then and that after april 2021 the game will nolonger work on or offline?

Probably will not work at all

That’s exactly what it means. It’s an online-only game, so if the servers are gone, so is the game.


@GhostofDelta2 Tick tock, lad!


What a pity… just recently joined a really good Horde Crew in the hopes to get all the remaining achievements. :confused:
No crystal packs can be bought or earned anymore, dailies now reward 7500 coins each.

I hope we can still somehow get those remaining achievements?


Bro… you typed Tactics in the thread title.


Whoopsies, my bad! Completely mixed up threads here… was planning to put this into Gears POP but somehow completely messed up my brain.

EDIT: There isn’t even a Gears POP thread…

Seems a bit pre-mature. I don’t play it anymore but i know a few who spend more time on it than they do Gears 5

Kind of glad the pay to win game is going away.

I spent some on it, but the game was out of control with leveling costs.

Sadly, I’m sure the achievements will be locked away forever. Probably drive the completionists nuts. Isn’t that the Gears way?


At the launch of the game, the thread disappeared. It’s always been treated as the middle child of the triple Gears games released in the past couple of years.