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Gears pop! Released date

(MOBKnightmareMZ) #1

When will gears pop be released for the USA wtf I wanna play it while I’m at work why the ■■■■ good stuff like that is only out for other countries but never for the USA I don’t care if it’s a beta or not I want to play it an get good at it already


I am thankful every day that POP isn’t available yet…

(ll R E D l) #3

its in beta right now so you have to wait

(mizzelphug) #4

Your excitement levels trump punctuation. That’s admirable in a yellow lab who hasn’t seen his owner in 6months kind of way.


I think the OP needs some grammatical assistance

(Bleeding Pepper) #6

He needs to take a breath of air.

Or some punctuation.