(Gears POP!) Question about Queen Myrrah and Kantus on horde, plus scoring for horde events

Even if the game will stop on April, I have some question (I have my theory about them, but it isn’t confirmed).

1- What happens in horde if 2 players put Myrrah on play? Is the higher level Myrrah the one who gave the bonuses to Wretches? Or is the Wretches affected by the 1st spawned Myrrah “inmune” to the 2nd Myrrah? (even if the 2nd is stronger?) I doubt the damage will stack up. Exactly the same question for Kantus.

2- Until last month, I always thought that scoring for horde events involves the higher score of 2 players, but reading on TA forums players says that is your individual score what counts.

What I thought: Let’s say that I have a crew of 50 players. For getting the best score, I had to play with the rest of my team.

Me x player 1 = 1.000.000 points
Me x player 2 = 1.234.890 points…

But if individual score is what counts, the best thing to do is “getting carried” by the stronger member of the crew (In my case, a lvl 19 player), so he/she needs to play at least 49 times with different players.

And another thing: Some players believe that playing Big Butcher lvl 12, lvl 8, lvl 4 and lvl 1 gives you 4 different scores to upload.


Can’t help with the Myrrah question, but I can help with Horde scoring.

On each run, each person gets credit for 1/2 of the score. And each person’s highest score is the only one that counts. So if you have a high level player who plays with another high level, they’ll get a great score. Then if one of the high levels then plays with a low level to help boost their score, your crew’s total score will only go up by 1/2 of the score of the high and low player. The high level won’t benefit from running with a low level, but it also won’t hurt the high level’s best/total score for the event. Though, having the high run with the low level(s) will help the low level(s)’ score, which will help the crew’s total score.

In all of my testing, I see no benefit from running the lower thumpers unless you can’t finish the highest level thumper.

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Thank you for your answer :slightly_smiling_face: I really appreciate it

No problem. I’ve become the stat and participation tracking person for my crew, so been studying how the leaderboards work for the events.

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