Gears POP! - Pin Level/Dupes/Credits Chart

Because my opinions that GearsPOP! is essentially #Pay2WinAchievements, I have been blocked.
All relevant data relating to this post has been removed. I won’t be monetarily supporting this franchise going forward.
Attn: Mods… Please remove all of my previous posts.


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Epic from Level 3 to 4 is 12,000. Can’t give info for others.

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I believe Level 2 to 3 for an Epic is 7,000. For other numbers I’d have to check the game.

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Legendary from lvl 1 to 2 is reportedly 20,000 but havent seen it myself to confirm.

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Duplicates required are following the fibonacci sequence (just ignoring the first few numbers)

Edit: Nevermind breaks the pattern after a bit.

I think I said legendary was 20,000.

It was Marcus Fenix who is Epic.

Level 4 to go to 5 was 20000.

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Is anyone’s horde achievements glitched ? Never played horde but it says I cleared 50 waves?

I went from 48 to 50 after opening a prizebox, and the prizebox didn’t even give me anything horde related!

I got the common team win achievement by losing with all commons.

My mate and I both got the Hammer of dawn achievement by killing RAAM on the final wave with the hammer. I hammered and we both the achievement from it.

It seems really buggy, but at least its buggy in a way that helps rather than hinders progress (apart from when the servers crash).

I had 10 waves of Horde played on the first day, even though I wasn’t in a Crew, and you need a crew to play Horde with.

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Rare level 5 requires 2400 coins.
Rare level 6 requires 51 duplicates and 4000 coins.
Rare level 7 requires 87 duplicates (don’t know coins).

Epic level 4 needs 13 duplicates.

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Funny to see how they are trying to monetize and sad to see.

I get that they want and need to make money but this is just embarrassing for the brand and Microsoft!

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