Gears pop pay to win

Game is trash! Cant rank up barely past 700 because every one i play has much higher level pins in every match. But if i spend real money to buy crystals to upgrade pins then i could maybe win. I hate pay to win games. Takes all the fun out of playing. But hey at least pop doesn’t have the iron system for skins

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I am level 10 and never spent a penny.

Im not talking about overall level. Im 10 as well. But my pins are not all max level and my enemies are always higher pin level than mine.

save your 30 daily crystals until you have 500. Then buy the 100,000 coin pack for 500 crystals and you will be able to level up all your pins with plenty left over.

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That what I do as well.

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100,000 doesn’t go far when pins get high level. Particularly the higher cards (epic, etc.).

Playing horde gives duplicates of different pins depending on the token.

Use what coins you earn to buy the store specials each day.


still a lot easier to upgrade pins with 100,000 coins then from the aily grind of a few 100 to 1,000 from packs

Yup,majority of my pins are level 8 and I get matched against players that have level 13 pins.

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