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Gears POP on IPad?


I worried that i’ll have a hard time telling what happening on a tiny phone screen any chance that pop might be avalible for IPads?

(III EnVii III) #2

It will definitely be on iPad too.

(LambentHammerB) #3

It’s coming to iOS. It isnt exclusive to iPhone.
Older iOS versions may not be supported, we havent had the requirements shared.

(JGrayBKK YT) #4

I read somewhere iOS 10 is required.
It’s also on android.

Totally playable on Note 8. I’m enjoying it so far.

(FREEJAC1310) #5

According to the testflight email … " iOS device using 8.0 or later, or Apple TV using tvOS 9.0 or later" Of course that could change by launch so YMMV.

Edit My bad! It appears those are the requirements for the Testflight app not for the game itself. The app info page does indeed list iOS 10 or later, compatible with iPhone iPad and iPod touch. I think iPod Touch is stuck on iOS 9 though.