Gears pop not letting me sign into xbox live

Cant log into xbox live. Anyone else?

If you are playing from a mobile phone, restart the phone several times. it works on me.

Mine has been that way for a few days now. I did a trouble ticket but never received a response.


Same here. It’s been working fine for me until today. I uninstalled and tried again. No luck. Reset my phone multiple times with no luck. Anyone have a fix?

I also have issue. Since yesterday cant connect to xbox live.

Same issue here. Have tried restarting app and iPhone to no avail. Please post if solution is found!

Same here just logged on and said unable to connect to Xbox live. Hopefully sorted today because I would miss out on the daily login bonus

Unfortunately not. Best bet is to contact the devs.

Same issue here too on an Iphone XR. working fine up until this morning now i cant sign in at all


Support page appears to be broken too. When I try to submit a ticket, it just won’t go through.

Same. I’m using an Xs

I just downloaded it on my old
iPhone 6s and I can log into Xbox and everything works fine.

Also running off an XS and I still can not login to Xbox live. My friend has no issues. I wish they would acknowledge the issue and post a fix. It’s been 4 days now. Ugh

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Same here. On iPhone 8 Plus. Can’t sign in from yesterday.

Same here. iPhone XS. It’s been days. Frustrating.

Same issue here on an iPhone XR. Maybe it started after I upgraded to iOS 12.4.1, but I just upgraded my iPad as well, and Pop still works fine there.

I’ll try this on my XS Max later and report if any issues.

I have managed to find a way but it’s not a guaranteed fix. I’m using an iPhone X IO’s 13 v1.1 beta. I basically restored to a backup and it worked. But after nearly a full day of working it’s just gone to the same error asking me to forget live or try again… it’s really annoying as I enjoy the game quite a bit although it’s a bit of a pay to win game!

Developers please fix this!!

iPhone XS. Same issue.

Same problem for me on my phone.
Game works fine one my iPad and my PC but don’t want to connect to the Xbox Live on my iPhone X

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