Gears Pop New Crew - Welcome To Join

Hey everyone, I dunno where else to post this as there is no Gears Pop forum.

We’re looking for constant active players to join our new crew to play horde.

3 of us left our crew and decided to make a new one with some following, we’re currently at 12 members as of writing, we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we obviously want to do well and we can and keep improving, all we want if for you to be active!

We don’t have a crew name at the moment as we’re yet to deicide on one, it’s currently just called “new horde crew”

Clan ID “clan990f3a8a” just copy and paste makes it easier to find. We also have a discord we give out after you join.

Everyone welcome above 2700 cogs😊

Thank you!

-WcG iFredy29

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thanks man for the invitation unfortunately I don’t have a gaming computer only xbox one x . .

But If I happen to have a computer Ill join it man :slight_smile: thanks again man.

@D_A_N_III_3_L I don’t recommend playing Gears POP!. If you like P2W games, maybe. I don’t know even how many players lvl 1 or 2 are right now. Also Gears POP! is a mobile game but you can play it without a gaming computer.

OP, your requirements are the same that the most active crews: Join to discord, getting more than 2700 cogs and be an active player. And you only had 12 players and without a proper name for your crew. It will be difficult for you to get more players.

Most of players are looking for getting between the top 5 or 10 for horde events, and I’m counting only active players who want to unlock every achievement


Hi @Piyi_Piyi

thanks for the information, in that case I won’t try it . I usually like playing Gears games with cover-based mechanics . as they were meant to be.

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I don’t know why they don’t have a Gears Pop! forum but they don’t. There is a Gears Pop! Reddit so you can try and recruit there.

I like the game except there are much better games in its genre especially Clash Royale which Gears Pop! Is a clone of right down to the interphase.

I don’t get the whole P2W argument. Ofc the uppermost echelons are P2W but you can do just fine without paying but you have to be ok with progressing slowly. I don’t get why people think they have to win every match or the game is “P2W garbage”. You can slowly climb in levels playing the game for free or you can speed it up by paying. I prefer slowly climbing because I like the journey. Nothing wrong with either approach.

Remember the time before TC Sera and this forum was only from fans to fans, getting so few real answers from TC, so I think that’s why there isn’t a forum. They almost left the forum for the main series alone, they could care less about a spin-off who can be hated for being F2P.

And if you know about a game that have Gears in the name, you expect a Gears game (or at least similar to Gears’ gameplay). For me Gears MP is about your skill vs others, but Gears POP! is 20-40% skill vs the power of your pins (or your wallet). I lost against many players only because they have 1 more player level or 1 or 2 more pins level than me, but I won against players level 17 (Maybe 3 times)

I can finish this game without paying, I’m almost level 16 playing everyday for a year, but many players are concerned about how much the game will be online, and that they lose the will to play a game that nerfed pins every month

We are a new crew which is why we have no name (yet to still decide) but the plan is to get as many active players as we can. Yeah our requirements are similar to the top crews but no need to downplay our chances we’re only just getting started. The difference with our crew yeah we wanna be up there but we’re not as serious as the top crews, we just want an active and happy crew, don’t take anything away though we would want to do well. Our cogs will go up when we get more members as well.

To the person who said about Reddit I didn’t think about that, thanks.

We currently have 13 members anyone still welcome to join! Hard to get people in when a horde event is on :slight_smile:

-WcG iFredy29