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Gears pop.. isn’t working

I been having an issue connecting to gears pop. My WiFi and my cell data are strong so connection is not an issue. Every time I try to sing in with my Xbox account I have issue saying that gears pop can’t connect to the internet, or there is no connection. It lets me play with a new account but won’t work with my Xbox live account. I tried uninstalling app, and reinstalling. But issue is not fixed. Is anyone else having this same problem??? If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.


This is starting to be a reoccurring issue. So far it seems multiple restarts are the only thing that has worked for anyone. Hopefully they patch it soon.
Also, please search before creating a new thread.

How many times did you have to restart your phone. I have an iPhone X max. Also I did search before I posted. I saw one earlier but did not answer my question. Thanks for your response.

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Sorry, I have not had any issues myself. I just read that in another thread.

I’ve restarted a bunch. Hasn’t fixed my iPhone.

Its not you - lots in the same boat.

Here is what people are experiencing. There is no particular error code to report to the devs on the report form.


I’m having the same issue. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled at least 10 times. I’ve turned my phone off and on probably 25-30 times. Nothing has fixed it yet. I can play the game if I log out, but I’ve lost all my progress until I can log back in. I’ve submitted a help ticket and received no answer. I know multiple others in the same boat.

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Mine quit working a couple days back.

Works fine on the iPad though.

Never had an issue during the beta.

I suppose I could call the credit card company and claim fraud. That might get a response.


Yeah, mine works on my old phone. I downloaded it just to see. I mentioned that in my support ticket about how I expect to play a game that I’ve put money in. I feel like that’s a fair request on my part. Why it’ll work on one phone and not another is strange.

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I am having the same issue, and I’ve tried closing and reopening uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing’s working.

Same for me too…

Any news? Same problem here :confused:

I get the ol’ cannot connect with xbox live account and have to hit forget account, then go through the stupid tutorial, and then log in to xbox live to reconnect account. It works and brings back all my progress, but I have to do this once every day and then it works for rest of day. Next day, rinse repeat.

I have the same problem.

Just played 2 games of versus , ok my end at least

Same issue on my iPhone since the weekend. Sent support request but no response yet.

Yes plenty of people are having the same issue on iPhone. Gonna try using my old Android so I can play at least.

A lot of people on the reddit have confirmed they used the GamePass app right before this issue started with them, any of y’all in the same boat?

An email I got after sending in a list of issues as listed:

Windows store not working. / missing.
Can not login to IOS at all.
Losing tags and win streaks.
Complaining about lack of forums and support.

Thanks for confirming all of this, Jon, and for your patience.
The Windows Store was temporarily closed as some issues appeared with purchasing, but this should be restored soon. As for the Xbox Live login issues, the team has been able to reproduce this on their side and have started to work on a fix. No ETA for when it will be finished and pushed, but there is one coming. The team is also looking into why players are losing tags despite winning as well.

We are looking into community options, including Forums and Discord, and will share these if/when they become available. Please note that this email address is being discontinued. All support requests will need to be submitted through

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