Gears Pop in Gears 5

Can we get some rewards in Gears 5 for playing Gears Pop? Like maybe a Funko pop event in Gears 5 like bobbleheads. It could be some special skins in the shop or even a banner. This will help bring the Gears Pop community back into Gears 5.

Maybe a new multiplayer mode: Gears 5 vs. Gears POP!? :smirk: Or a Horde event: us against the monsters from the Gears POP!? :nerd_face:

“Bring pop community back to 5”

I love overdramatic statements. Because you can’t be apart of both communities lol especially since ones Mobile :man_facepalming:

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Are you being sarcastic? You can play Gears 5 and Gears POP . Someone that likes Gears can play a mobile game with the Gears of war name on it.

A Gears pop Marcus skin or something to that effect, or will that be too much? If the reward is worth it, I wouldn’t mind grinding Gears pop for it.