(Gears POP!) I don't understand every voice line for pins

Well, english isn’t my native language and even when I’m playing since Day 1 I can’t hear clearly what some pins says.

I don’t understand what JD and Del says. I put a list (only relying on my memory) of the pins and what I hear. If I’m mistaken please add the correct saying, thanks :slight_smile:

Reyna: Oh yeah - Surprise!
Butcher: Hungry or hunger
Kait: Time to go
Marcus: Come on, bring it!
Sid: Flank them (?)
Baird: I got this
Clay: Let’s get them
JD:? (My guess is “time for a fight”)
Del:? (No guess here)
Winter Kait:? (No idea)
Sheperds: Acknowledge
Deadeye: Hostile (detected?)
Bernie:? (I forgot what she says)
Cole: Oh yeah
Dom: Let’s do this
Queen Myrrah: No mercy
Sam:? (I forgot what she says)

I don’t remember if there are more talking pins