Gears Pop! Future improvements

Dear Gears Pop Developers,

Future improvements and features should have in Gears Pop!

  1. Need (Request challenge) feature against your crew / friends in versus mode.

  2. Need 2v2 team battle mode. (Four players)

  3. More Horde mode bosses including General Karn

  4. Need future pins such as Paduk, Sofia and even a Rager from (Gears of War Judgment).

  5. Have 4 player horde mode.

  6. CREW vs. CREW

  7. Weekly Special Event Battles


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I would love to see a matchmaking improvement to where you are matched up to players who have spent a similar amount of money on in-game purchases.


That still wouldn’t exactly be fair, as it’s completely possible for one person to get tons of low power characters and another gets a ton of higher power characters.

I wouldn’t want them judged exclusively, rather inclusively. At this early point in the launch there is surely someone I could get matched with, about equal in XP or Cog level or whatever the skill qualifier is, who also paid around the same amount I did.

Played Horde a few times yesterday, good fun. Might be a bit too crowded with 4 players ?

More like too easy. Horde is fine with two players. You just need to make sure all of your characters and other items are at max level. That is of course if you’re willing to spend tons of cash on the game to progress faster.

Yes, that as well. I’m enjoying what I’m playing but will not be spending any money on the game.

To its credit the game is the first one I have ever played on my/any phone save for Chess, which the mp actually had elements of.

I generally dislike mobile gaming with a passion. But the devils out a Gears lick of paint on it and I’m in :wink:

The problem is at the level of cogs I’m at, you don’t know if you are playing someone who played in the closed beta ie. me, or if someone paid a lot of money and played a lot to get to it, without looking at their achievements (which you cannot always do).

Generally you can work out who has paid money, because they have got far in the War Chest achievements.

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The biggest improvement at this point would just be to function correctly. Haven’t been able to login to my account in two days.

Need more than 50 coins per challenge. I have hundreds of pins, and I can’t upgrade them for crap due to lack of coins. some cost like 2400 just to go from lvl 4 to lvl 5.

It just gets worse from that point. I have one legendary that’s 20,000 to upgrade. Not even a high level.

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That’s a lot of coinage.

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If you’re to ask me, they could also do some fine-tuning on matchmaking to respect pin level. Not really fun to go up against someone who has Level 8 Longshot Gears, Level 6 Shepherds, Level 5 Coles, and so on. The best I have managed against a player with pins leveled [far] higher than me was a draw. Only have won a battle against a player with higher pins once earlier today because it was just a select few of them(and the damage Marcus deals seems a little OP, even if I use him, but that could just be me) and the matchup was fairly even otherwise.

Nothing ever changes with Gears :laughing:

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Huh. I guess you could say that.

Request for future improvements of the mobile game ! ! !

On Gears Of War forum ! !

O Tempora, O Mores !


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Who are they?


Yeah, very famous Twitch streamer Cicero.

I love every single one of your suggestions. Really hope to see some cool boss battles for Horde in the future.

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I get where you are coming from. The way that matchmaking works as the season goes on I believe you will see those players cog tag totals increase massively so that they end up playing each other more than the common folks like me. It may take a few days but I think it’ll balance out.

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