Gears Pop Forum is gone

What happened to the Gears Pop Forums?

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Good question. I have enquired to the higher ups.

perhaps Mediatonic is taking over that?

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I hope it comes back. All Gears Pop related stuff should go there and not show up on the main forums for Gears4/5.

Gonna bump this. Wanna know why gears pop forum section is gone

Simple explanation. The game has some early fundamental problems. Take people’s initial money as fast as possible while hiding the issues. Suddenly, when the money flow slows, the issues will get a promise of address and the website will get a fix.

Smoke and mirrors.

Too late for me. I got tired of bouncing between arena 4 and 5 and having players just clowning me with their super maxxed “look at what I paid for” pins.

I got a good chunk of achievements for the tenner I threw at this game, but I uninstalled it now. I am nowhere near the league of the “top players” right now.

Seriously this is painful. Please bring back the Gears POP forums.

Or at least open one up @ This is really silly on the coalition’s behalf.

My in game chat has never worked and I have no way to see if there is a fix. I should have never given them money…

Hosting a gears pop horde n go lobby first 10 gets promoted to avoid boot

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Anyone looking for an active group on Gears Pop join The Grinders! :100: