Gears Pop Connection Issue

Someone with the same problem? The game doesnt start and stay like this, at 9%. My cellphone is a Lenovo Octacore 1.5ghz and 2gb ram. I have no idea how to fix It.

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Hi, I have the exactly same problem, I think it is related to the phone, because I have the same phone you have.

Not sure if the problem is related, but during the beta the app would sometimes get hung on the loading screen as pictured above. Try closing and reopening a few times. Not sure if it’s an app issue or some server issue.

This happens to me when I try to run on wifi. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8.


Note 10. Same issue

On a galaxy s8 ; If I play on data it goes through fine but if I try WiFi it won’t load

Even on PC wifi runs into the same issue, but yes on phone using the note 9 it needs to be on mobile data. Hopefully a patch goes live soon to fix it. I would love to play on both my phone and PC. For now mobile data it is. Hopefully this game doesn’t eat up all my data limit. I have unlimited data, but after 5GB it goes into super slow mode. I think Dial up was faster then when that limit gets reached.

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Same issue here on a galaxy s8. Only works on data connection and not wifi.

Samsung S7edge mismo problema.

I don’t have this issue but I’m unable to log in with my xbox live account. Maybe a similar connection problem? I posted a thread here regarding the issue but it was deleted…


Same problem with tablet Lenovo,

Best thing to do is to report any issues here:

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I have an iphone 7plus 100gb free space. Game loads to 27% and after about 2 minutes it says it can’t find a save of the game. I have deleted the game redownloaded it and it found my Xbox cloud save. I clicked that save game and again 27% load with connection error. I tested my internet and 25 mbps connection. My phone is fully updated.

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Hi, please look at the post above yours and report your issue to the developer.

I did. It asked for a support code. Kinda hard to do when you can’t login. I put a 0 and it went through but who’s knows if I’ll get any support.

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Same here 27%

It also only loads 27% for me as well. Same with Wifi or just LTE.

Also stuck at 27%, both on data and wi-fi. Assuming it’s a server issue. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

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Welcome to the 27% club :joy:


Here is hoping! The game has had a ton of issues today