Gears PC Keybinds with scroll wheel

Cannot swap weapons when keybinding ‘Weapon Slot 1’ or ‘Weapon Slot 2’ to scroll wheel up or down. The only work around is to hold your tac com button then scroll. PLEASE FIX!


Having the same problem


I have the same issue thank you for reporting it

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Same here …

the mouse wheel does not work in multiplayer. in Story it works quite normally.

if you press Shift (Tac) + change weapon it works.

please fix it

Thank you

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is intentional and part of “levelling the field por PC and Console”:

There is an old post for G4 with a video of mapping the scroll wheel to the snub pistol firing the whole clip in a split second.

There are also reports of fps being capped to 60?

Hopefuly it’s just a bug that will be fixed eventually.

I have the same issue in Camping you can use it but in multiplayer you can’t so it is a bug in the game

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Same here. Incredibly annoying.

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hopefully it will be fixed quickly

Also if you ADS and scroll it works.

I know but that is not a solution

Just here to say I would like that fixed as well asap. Gotta map buttons all weird because of this.

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how about u just hit 1,2,3, and 4 like normal people? much more confident using a specific button rather than using scroll wheel and maybe going one to far or not far enough.

Slightly related, but when you had zoom set to scroll wheel click in Gears 4 it would allow you to zoom in and out while rolling the scroll wheel. It does not work the way in this game, but the option would be good

you did not understand it…

  • wheel up lancer
  • wheel down gnasher

There are no mistakes


this is not for firing the weapon with scroll wheel. my intention is being able to switch to the weapon with scroll wheel. An example would be if i press scroll up then my gnasher would be selected. Also any modern day keyboard software has options to allow the mouse or a button to rapid fire by just holding the button. That is up to The Coalition to add shooting speed caps on the single fire weapons. If they dont then thats their problem to deal with. If you believe that is a problem i recommend starting another thread about it.


Scroll up Lancer, scroll down Gnasher, or viceversa. This way you don’t have to reach for other keys and can change weapon while wall bouncing.


Yes, this has to be fixed.

In GOW 4 you can bind just fine scroll wheel up and down to primary and second weapon.

Keyboard and mouse layout/ binding is a preference matter, to each their own, let us bind scroll wheel like in GOW 4 and in any PC game.

Please fix this in your next patch TC!


Execution : Hold melee button / F default

Chainsaw : Hold reload button / R defaut

Please TC fix the scroll wheel issue, we should be able to use it like in GOW4.
Add execution and chainsaw as remappable key.


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I don’t find it to be a problem at all. I’m only replying to the OP based on what I think and what I’ve read here .

It seems TC doesn’t have a quality control department.

I am also disappointed you can’t scroll wheel down to switch weapons, as I use this for quick switch to pistol… Please fix this issue (As of right now, you have to hold shift + scroll wheel for it to work

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