Gears or war 5 problems with multiplayer please explain

My ping is 9 to 15 ping all the time and explain to me how is it posible that I’m still lagging on matches I just don’t understand.i shoot blank bullets how’s that posible???

Game is broken.


Just keep shooting bro. shoot til theyre dead. All you can really do .

Lol im not playing this game anymore until they fix it. Its unplayable for me.

I’m sorry to hear. My gnasher usually works for me when I point it at guys. To be honest, the shots come out so fast with the movement that I can never tell if my shot was on or not. It’s milliseconds when my gun sweeps that it’s on target and I never can tell where my ■■■■ goes in the moment.

Its not just the Gnasher, but it is a big reason for me.

  1. cant find 2v2 matches on PC.
  2. cant shoot anyone with 80ms or higher ping
  3. Matchmaking is absolutely horrendous for Ranked.

Putting this game on game pass is the problem a use of that they have no money to put the dedicated servers so now they have host and wanna sell us ugly skins or characters that really have nothing to do with gears .

I agree everyday I play and if I get connected to the data center closest to me my ping will be about 15 and I will start lagging, but when I look at my ping it still at 15 and most of the time this last a couple minutes until I finally get kicked from the game and have to rejoin,so basically it’s a 4v 5 for 3-4 minutes leaving my team with a huge disadvantage. How is this possible? This is still happening everyday, sometimes it’s just for a few seconds - minute, but this happens multiple times a day, everyday and I have a 300$ gaming router, 200$ modem, and gigabit internet.
This never happens when I play C. O. D. Which leads me to believe it’s a sever/data center issue with G. O. W. 5. This is very frustrating to someone that loves the game, because when this happens there have been many times it has cost my team the game, as a matter of fact it happened earlier today we would have won the game had I not Ben lagging so bad I could hardly move around the map I was basically a free kill to anyone that came up on me,and I got killed twice before I was like I’m just going to hide. I tried to hide in spawn and kept moving around hoping it would stop, by the time it did I was the last be person alive and it finally stops right before there whole team rushes me, and we were scraping these guys before this started, then someone on the other team messages us, “Auh what happened” . Sorry for the book I just wrote, but is this something you guys are going to fix ?

Stop trying to milk money from gamers with new skins until the priority is to fix this POS Gears 5!!!