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Hey guys, hows it going? Hope your all doing well.

Today I would like to discuss how the community as a whole behaves online when it comes to Gears 5.
It has come to my attention that newer players are struggling online… Recently I jumped into a 50 on master and I noticed we had a couple of low level players that really struggled, but the problem I have is the way that these low level players were talked down too and were treated. Yes, I understand new players with lower level characters shouldn’t be jumping head first into the deep end. And I know it’s happened to pretty much everyone who plays Gears, however next time this happens why don’t we try being constructive? Maybe spend a little bit of your free time engaging with these players, teaching them some new tips and tricks if you have the time? As a huge Gears fan I want to see this game continue to do well. The player base is already seems to be dwindling, we don’t want to lose even more because our community is pushing new players away. Honestly guys, a little help can go a long way, so next time this happens all I ask is you offer a helping hand… You never know, that rookie player could go on to make an excellent gear!

Many thanks kiwi


I always try to help out new people. But they also have to be willing to listen. It’s the people who can’t be/don’t want help that really piss me off for jumping into the higher difficulties headfirst.


That is a totally great talking point Lambent ! Im a firm believer of how can you help someone who won’t help themselves … However there are players out there that do want the help which they are not receiving i just think it would really do the player base a world of good if certain players stopped and thought about these situations from time to time.

It’s like that in most games/online.
I’m working my way through 2vs2 gnasher and doing better and better but I have gotten my fair shair of ”you suck, report him” etc on the way. I have had some really bad teammates but thats how it is, I can’t change it so why would i trashtalk em? Just help them out as much as you can instead.

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They should know better than to jump into a match at master difficulty, unless they’re an experienced gears player and are good, not just one or the other, than by all means, try to help them out but don’t coddle them like infants either. Pay attention and learn or get the fk out.
Every game needs some sort of restriction on the higher difficulties to disallow low rank players in to those matches. 95% of the time, that one player will be the reason you lose.
Reasons why: they didn’t donate the 40 thousand energy theyve picked up and haven’t even used on skill perks.
They don’t know how to shoot and go down every wave.
They don’t pick their team mates up
The list goes on and on.

Escape suffers a lot with low players.

Some time ago I searched a public escape on Master. My 2 teammates were lvl 3 Marcus and COG Soldier. I waited for them to change to a high level character, but they didn’t.

I never searched for public horde or escape, except when I had little time to play and try to search horde frenzy… And after that I regret it. I tried to help new players, but most of the time they only want to get easy EXP for doing nothing

When I come across someone playing with a low level character I just assume its someone trying to level up the character faster. I don’t think gears 5 has any new people coming in, I thought its just the regulars trying to kill some time when having issues with other modes.

Part of the ranking problems fault this happens. Find it very stressful when you get paired with lower level team mates & trying to win.

I started playing just a few weeks ago and while there are quite a lot of friendly people in both escape and horde (I dont play VS yet), the amount of toxic people frustrated me a lot. Getting kicked before the chopper arrives in Escape while having a smooth run, or weapon replacing in lockers because I’m low level (and still #2nd on damage while only having 1 or 2 locker slots to begin with). Or just needing a second overkill on Kait and people emptying it and throwing it on the ground… Also not reviving on purpose, which is especially frustrating if a Siren has you or a drone is punching your face in and the toxic people are just looking + emoting until you die (consequently losing 1 of your 2 overkills). Once I got a few re-ups (im re-up 10 now) it starting happening less frequently.

These experiences made me host my own games in which all lvl12+ heroes are welcome, unless it’s Master. Also explaining certain strategies or gameplay mechanics to new people. I don’t want to kick people since I must’ve been kicked for no reason dozens of times in a few weeks. New people are just treated horribly in this game.

PS: I laugh whenever I see lobbies on insane or lower difficulties that want lvl16+ heroes or re-up 15+. I’ve been joining these types of games now just to see how these hosts are and they’re absolutely toxic. The most fun Horde games I’ve had were when I hosted an incon. game in which every level 12+ hero is welcome. I’ve even finished these games without an engineer and JD, which forced us to have good teamwork. And let’s be honest, many maxed out heroes can carry a large portion of these games. Even as a new player, my lvl 18 Kait can solo until wave 20-30 on incon on maps where you can block an entry point(without hp mod). So my tip for new players is to ONLY join games which state that everyone is welcome or has HF (have fun) in the title. Any lobby that has specific character or level requirement should be avoided if you want a good chance of a fun game.

EDIT: So I joined an Insane Horde with the title (lvl 18+ Deposit or KICK, NO NOOBS). The host kicked 2 people (including me) at wave 18-20, 28-30, 38-40. The other two were his friends. Kinda annoying when you save a few early wipes by reviving 4 downed players. I don’t think they made it to 48 since all their heavy weapons were sold and they had 6 level 1 forges without any energy.