Gears of War Ultimate PC Still Broken

Yeah, I know, Gears 5 just came out but I wanted to go back through the series and get a refresher on everything that happened so far.

BUT, the product I bought for the PC is still broken almost a year later, they acknowledged the problem, and have yet to do anything about it.

I seriously hope this same issue doesn’t plague Gears 5, as it did with Gears 4 and Ultimate.

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I’m totally with you on this. I had bought the Gears of War Ultimate PC remake years back and never got around to playing it. Then with Gears 5 coming out I decided I wanted to play them all through start to finish again and installed this from the MS store. It runs like total garbage.

System Specs
Asus Rampage VI Apex
i9 7900X OC to 4.5GHz on all cores
32 GB DDR4 4000 quad channel
EVGA RTX 2080Ti FTW3 Ultra Hybrid
Running game on 2560x1440 32’ 144Hz Gsync monitor.
Game installed on PCIe 3.0 4x M.2 SSD.

Game will only use about 40% GPU even with FPS us unlocked and no Vsync on. FPS will go from 100+ to like 15 sometimes for no reason for a few seconds then back up. Average FPS is somewhere in the 70’s because its only using that 40% GPU.

I realize this game isn’t priority for them but they have to realize with XBox Gamepass Ultimate being such a good deal for PC and Xbox owners that they would have a lot of people wanting to replay this game on PC.

Original thread on this topic was deleted. Thanks TC.

That seems to be the common theme. When searching for fixes to this issue I found a lot of deleted threads from this forum.

why is this STILL broken? I paid for a working game and it has been broken since the Windows 1803 update. MS and TC can go screw themselves with this crappy move .

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For me, even Gears 4 is no longer working. :roll_eyes: Maybe Microsoft sabotaging every previous Gears game bought from the Store to force us to play with Gears 5. :thinking:

They all got purged when the gears of war 4 forums became the Gears 5 forums. out with the old in with the new.
wish they would fix PC, only missing only level up and game type rotation achievements.

You think microsoft would be embarrased their flagship franchise is broken but i guess they don’t care as long as you keep buying Gears 5 skins.

Took a wild stab recently with the latest Windows update to see if 6+ versions later since 1809 (which I think is the Windows ver that broke this around the start of 2019),…and nope. Drops to the 30’s at any res with a I5-9400 + GTX 1660. GPU utilization barely breaks 40%, the CPU seems stalled on 2 threads with 2 cores at 95% usage, but other times it’s in the 60% range and yet the GPU sits idle while the framerate putters along in the high 40’s. The game just doesn’t seem to know how to allocate it, it’s bizarre.

Especially since this is on Gamepass, and chances are it will get an update for Series X to run at 60fps, would be nice to see this you know…addressed. This isn’t asking for a major overhaul of a game, it wasn’t great at the start as everyone knows and eventually got into a decent state with patches, only for a Windows update to completely tank the performance.

Come on guys, fix this.

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funny if you cuss just a bit they just remove your posts for being offensive even though the words are not even visible in the first place. I guess its not offensive for them to break a game I paid for and not even acknowledge the issue even after 2 years. thanks for screwing your customers over and you should be sued for taking money for game that is broken.