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Gears of War Ultimate on Windows 10 - Still Broken with Low FPS - No fix in sight?

Gears of War UE on Windows 10 is still unplayable due to low FPS issues that suddenly appeared. I’m running an i5 6600, 16GB RAM and GTX 1070 with the latest Windows updates (1903). This game should run buttery smooth on my hardware, but my FPS are in the high 20’s and low 30’s for no apparent reason with lots of stuttering and hitching. I’ve read that this issue suddenly appeared for many, and I can run Gears 4 easily with no such problems. A promise was made in one of the related threads below that the Coalition team were looking in to this issue for a fix, but nothing seems to have been said on the matter for many months. Have The Coalition given up on this game?

Everyone in a rush to blame Windows Updates since v1803… So I installed v1803, guess what… exact same FPS drops!

Disabled virtualization on two PC’s where I have this installed.

PC 1 - no difference
PC2 - slight difference (range is 80fps to 120fps where as previously it was 40fps - 120fps)

Lowered / Disabled all graphic settings - made no difference.

Monitored hardware… max CPU was 68%, max GPU was 17%

Guess it’s time to give up on this title and hope they circle back round to it after Gears 5

I’ve a RTX 2070 and a i7 8700K and almost the same problem like all the others. I’ve stable 60fps but it drops down to 43/45 if i look to the wrong effects or objects. CPU and GPU usage is low and medium.
The resolution doesn’t matter, but even in the past with my old PC (last year) I could play it at maximum and without fps drops - This seems to be impossible now, although my PC is now significantly stronger. I’ve always praised the game since its initial patch because of the performance and its graphics…

First i thought it’s one of these effects which isn’t supported with a RTX card, be it the fog or whatever (like debris in Fallout4 or the DR crowd with nvidia cards), but it doesn’t matter… everything ends in the same fps-result.

The game suffered a hard setback already after GoW4 due to a patch, because since this day the multiplayer doesn’t work anymore in the most regions, as dozens of old threads prove,- and now they let the game completely die with Gears5? g/rant

This mistake seems to have been known long enough. They don’t have to use any other development as a excuse, especially because 1-2 developers would be enough to quickly find and fix this bug. Not only because all people know the time of the first appearing.

But well, no one has taken care of the multiplayer problem - even arranged people have problems to find others by searching, although they search at the same time. (Invites are something else again)
So i don’t think that we get a patch in the near future. In itself a pity, because just at such times people want to play through the old parts again and there isn’t a lot of choice on the PC anyway.

btw: It doesn’t necessarily have to be the fault of a big Windows update, but something that has changed during the mentioned periods of big updates. Maybe it has something to do with the microcode changes made by Microsoft and this year also replaced by Google’s solution.