Gears of war ultimate edtition for xbox one and windows 10

please fix the xp for windows 10 and mp stuff like kills count and reset issues for the xbox one, I like that I have the cog tag achievements and yet my comics are locked again but even more and I did not lag out nor did kills in private but have over 3,000 kills in my war journal but got a progress report the other night of 1,000 of 10,000 towards seriously, seriously DO NOT DO a gears of war 2 ultimate edition nor do a Gears Of War 5, what this is insults Gears Of War, please fix, do not release Gears Of War 5 anytime soon until your current issues in current games are fixed. Stand by your games and products.

That’s quite a bit to take in up there.

These stats are post 3rd reset and Seriously still won’t pop for me.
I haven’ t seen a Seriously progress popup in years. I’m not holding out any hope for a fix anytime soon.

I am sure they are not going to hold gears 5 for this. In the end it is a business.

I do get the frustration when things do not work.

right, I might just say gears ended with gears 3