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Gears of War Ultimate Edition Windows 10 XP Not Being Awarded

I and everyone else who tries to play this game online gets the same issue. “XP will not be awarded due to a network issue”. When will this be fixed? I’ve been getting this issue for years and as far as I know EVERYONE encounters this 100% of the time. It never changes no matter how many matches you play, XP is never given. Please fix this…
Can someone get this forwarded to the team or something. Please.

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Hello there :slight_smile:

TC is aware of the issue and has stated that fixing the issues with UE is complex and is taking time and that most of the team are currently on Gears 5. Not ideal by any stretch, but hopefully they will be able to fix it soon.

Patiently been waiting for 6 months! Hopefully by the time Gears 5 is released, right?

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Hopefully both of the UE issues and Nvidia driver issues for Gears 4 will be fixed.

Also hopefully we don’t have any of these issues with Gears 5 on PC.

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I would tweet @TC_Octus and see if he has any kind of update

People regularly ask about these issues on twitter and reddit and the response is always the same.

If TC had anything to announce you can bet they would.

Maybe with more people at least concerned about UE Win 10, it could generate some traction. The drivers for Gears 4, have been constant haha

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I remember for over half a year the GOW4 PC port was broken on nvidia pascal cards because TC and Nvidia kept playing the blame game eventually someone stepped up and fixed the blue screens idk who. GOW UE PC Port was dead on release I don’t think they have any plan on further fixing it after they left it in a abandoned state no one plays mp (no crossplay) on it anyways. Also saying that Gears 5 is gonna have a built from the ground up pc port when they already said that about Gears 4 smh.

This issue isn’t fixed.

From what I have personally experienced it is not entirely fixed but for most people it is I’ve been able to play gears 4 on my 1060 for months but at the beginning of this year it was still bsoding.

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We get people on here constantly posting about it still being an issue sadly.