Gears of War Ultimate Edition Windows 10: How does it currently perform on AMD GPUs?

The state that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Windows 10 is currently in runs very poorly on Nvidia GPUs which was not the case in the past. Many people, including myself, get poor performance and GPU utilization with Gears: UE but we’ve all been owners of Nvidia GPUs. So, I’m wondering if it’s the same for AMD GPUs? I’m currently in communication with Nvidia Customer Care on these performance issues so if I could get proof that AMD GPUs aren’t affected then I can let them know and maybe they’ll fix it. If AMD GPUs also have poor performance then we’ll know for sure it’s an issue with the game itself or Windows 10.

Ran perfectly fine on my 970 GTX back in the day at 2K maxed out 60fps.

Do you guys play UE pc? I really enjoy that game a lot more compared to Gear 4 on PC so if you ever want to play UE pc, hit me up.

How does it run now on your current system and what GPU are you currently using?

I personally don’t, it’s too hard to get anything but TDM games and I used to love Blitz and KOTH.

I’m too used to Gears 4 now anyway.

Well, there’s no comparison now because I’ve got a Overclocked 2080 Ti.

Maxed out 144 FPS and the fans aren’t even trying :see_no_evil:

Nice! You’re the only person I’ve seen on the internet confirm that they aren’t having performance issues on Gears: Ultimate Edition. Would you mind posting your full PC specs and monitor as well as Nvidia driver version? It would be greatly appreciated!

Sure & strange, never experienced UE problems.



Overclocked Intel® Core™i7-6700k @ 4.6 GHz

Corsair H100i GTX Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler

Zotac Extreme Core Overlocked 2080 Ti

Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI: ATX, LG1151, USB 3.1, SATA 6GBs


Win 10 Pro 64-bit

4x 25mm Case Fans


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Thanks! Are you using the latest Nvidia driver and Windows Update? Some speculate that the latest Windows update 1809 is the cause of the performance issues. What are you using for storage? Such as an SSD or HDD and what brand? Could be that the game doesn’t like certain brands of drives in its current state.

Sorry I left that out!

Always latest Windows updates.

Latest Nvidia Driver (12th December, I think it’s 417.35 or something)

For storage I use a 512 GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD.

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Thank you for that info! At this point I’m perplexed as to why your performance is good but mine and others is broken. Are you testing the game in single player or multi-player? I’ve tried nearly all the troubleshooting methods I know to do to fix it but nothing has worked. Oh well, I think I’ll wait for another Windows update and Nvidia driver update and if it’s still broken for me I’ll just uninstall the game for good and forget about it. Once again, I thank you for all of your input!

Both single player and multiplayer work fine, I wish you good luck in finding a fix soon!

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Alright, should be my last question. Are you using a G-Sync monitor or a standard fixed refresh monitor?


Asus PG279Q :+1:

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I’m using a G-Sync monitor as well so I’m now at a loss as to what is going on with my game, lol!

Unfortunately it’s one of those issues that if you are facing it will now not get resolved :-1:

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