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Gears of War Ultimate Edition Windows 10 drop fps after v.1809 October update

(BotteTreillis10) #43

tow monthes and style nothing ? no hepls for US .? no solution ?


Same issue
fps drops and low gpu usage (1080ti )
I cant believe i paid 30 bucks for nothing.

(bananafactory87) #45

I am fine with them fixing it but it would be nice to get some reassurance in here. Nothing beyond one post from them in this thread 2 months ago.

Not the best communication. This isnt even a bug affecting a few people the game is literally broken on an entire platform

(Lorke76) #46

Same error here…
The problem source is the shadow. Only the low setting works normally. With medium or high settings, there are fps drop.

(GameLifter) #47

Turning down the shadows helps but GPU utilization was still low when I tried it. This means performance should be even higher with shadows on low.

(dakamurra) #48

still no news from them it will take forever to get a response or even to fix it!
i cant play the game a pay for, even having a nvidia 2070 overclocked!
seems related to shadows or something
i hope they rteally look on this
windows 10 game store is evil always have problems with games performance and bugs that are never fixed

(owl0318) #49

Hi Folks!
If You turn off shadows rise up frames.
act3 belly of the beast act if You turn slowly arround the door You feel FPS drops. I now use rtx2080. Before gtx 1070. Same issue. Hope so Coalition have a time solve the problem.

(dakamurra) #50

yes , but the game looks so bad without the shadows
it takes me off the inmerssion

(owl0318) #51

Hi dakamurra,
Do you know how edit ini files? I edited. Turn off DOF motion blur change shadows quality. Weekend try out more settings if I have a time.
Later update info👊🏻

(dakamurra) #52

hi there , zorry for take so long
no i cant find the ini is well hidden
but doesnt seem to really fix the problem
but thanks anyway! regards

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Windows 10 FPS Issue
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Windows 10 has horrendous performance. Where is an update remedying this?
(UrieleJH) #53

hi all,

i’m having a hardtime with GoW for Win10. Sub-par perf. and stuttering, an all round mess. no matter which settings/resolutions i tried i coulnd’t get more than 40 fps.

TRY THIS: disabling “core isolation” definitely improved the matter AND setting shadows to low i do get over 100fps, on medium or high 50 or so.

we have to contact the coalition and let them know. i’ve started a feedback on windows feedback



win10 1903 18362.53
nitro+ vega 56
850 pro 512

(sauronnikko2) #54

I have a 1080 TI and got the same issue. Game used to work pretty good performance wise, but since the update it can even reach as low as 40 FPS. Even downgrading shadows to low doesn’t guarantee constant 60 FPS. It’s been 3 months since we had any input from @TC_Octus/Coalition

(UrieleJH) #55

have you tried with disabling “core isolation” in addition to setting shadows to low?

(sauronnikko2) #56

Core Isolation was already disabled


chiming in to say I have the same problems on a 1060 @1080p.

This is a bump, of sorts, so that hopefully someone catches wind that this is a game-breaking problem. I can’t even cap the game to 30FPS.

^^^ link to my post.

Eagerly awaiting a response. I largely detest modern AAA games nowadays, and 30 dollars is a steep price for games for me now (I usually wait a few years and snag games in the 15 dollar range), especially at digital only.


(bananafactory87) #58

Coalition dragged me along on Twitter for months asking me for a dxdiag and saying it was being investigated and then eventually just told me that the team is focused on Gears 5 now

And of course MS wont give me a refund now since I bought it months ago. Really really frustrating


if they can’t fix the game (developed by a Microsoft subdivision, no, I’m not kidding), then they should pull it from the store.

And I want my money back. Now.

(GameLifter) #60

I’ve been thinking the same thing. The game should be pulled from the store or heavily discounted. People play on PC to game at high frame rates and high resolutions so many will be disappointed who purchase the game now in the state that it’s in.

(owl0318) #61

Hi Gents,
Coalition still quite. I know Gears 5 now important , but I now delete the game. I watching this topic and hearing any update download again this miracle game.
Stay strong Folks

(bananafactory87) #62

Update 1903 for W10 is available now

Slim chance I guess but anyone tried updating and see if things are better?
Im gonna do it later this week