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Gears of War Ultimate Edition Windows 10 drop fps after v.1809 October update

(BotteTreillis10) #43

tow monthes and style nothing ? no hepls for US .? no solution ?


Same issue. fps drops and low gpu usage (1080ti )
I cant believe i paid 30 bucks for nothing.

(bananafactory87) #45

I am fine with them fixing it but it would be nice to get some reassurance in here. Nothing beyond one post from them in this thread 2 months ago.

Not the best communication. This isnt even a bug affecting a few people the game is literally broken on an entire platform

(Lorke76) #46

Same error here…
The problem source is the shadow. Only the low setting works normally. With medium or high settings, there are fps drop.

(GameLifter) #47

Turning down the shadows helps but GPU utilization was still low when I tried it. This means performance should be even higher with shadows on low.

(dakamurra) #48

still no news from them it will take forever to get a response or even to fix it!
i cant play the game a pay for, even having a nvidia 2070 overclocked!
seems related to shadows or something
i hope they rteally look on this
windows 10 game store is evil always have problems with games performance and bugs that are never fixed

(owl0318) #49

Hi Folks!
If You turn off shadows rise up frames.
act3 belly of the beast act if You turn slowly arround the door You feel FPS drops. I now use rtx2080. Before gtx 1070. Same issue. Hope so Coalition have a time solve the problem.

(dakamurra) #50

yes , but the game looks so bad without the shadows
it takes me off the inmerssion

(owl0318) #51

Hi dakamurra,
Do you know how edit ini files? I edited. Turn off DOF motion blur change shadows quality. Weekend try out more settings if I have a time.
Later update info👊🏻