Gears Of War Ultimate Edition PC Online Multiplayer?

I bought the game 5 months ago and everyday since then I try searching for a game online but no luck. I’m I the only player online in the whole world? Or what? How can I find out how many people are online right now playing?

I know there was still a small community playing it a year ago but I hear it’s pretty dead now. Try during peak hours (7pm to 9pm).

I play UE once or twice a week, but on Xbox. Unfortunately it is tdm only and at very specific times and selecting US East server, otherwise it is (as The Specials sang) a ghost town.

Shame it died so quick after 4’s release. I did 1000gb it before everyone left, as like every Gears I played it excessively and almost exclusively :wink:

I bought it and couldn’t even get it to download/install. Microsoft refunded.

Sorry mang, can’t help ya.

you could join some pC discords, I am up for UE pc whenever I am online and playing. We used to be playing GoW:UE pc on this discord a few months ago but don’t have enough players

I did Gears UE for Win10 between April-June of last year. I only ran into 4-5 randoms playing it other than myself and a few friends. The community was nonexistent at that time. But there is an Xbox Club dedicated to the Win10 version. Might be able to find folks there to play with.

I forgot about that xbox club. Thanks