Gears of war Ultimate Edition Online

So I played Gears of War Ultimate Edtion and what a game I mean wow!! but here is the problem I have, I want to play online against other players because I see no option to play against bots, If I want to play online against other players it takes more than an hour to get someone to join or play with me…Why is that? Does no one play Gears of war anymore? and I mean Number one remastered, I want to enjoy my favorite game but no one is online to play with and I need 8 people like what the hell, I can’t even find one person how am I going to find 8? Man the game is my life and I want to play the ■■■■ out of it but no one is playing the game, and I don’t know how to clubs work, I see everybody is playing Gears of War 4, but hey anyone want to play Gears Ultimate edition

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Unfortunately its a game that has released nearly 5 years ago, and as with most games that have released in 2015, they have very low populations, especially given Gears 4 and Gears 5 exists. You may be able to find games on TDM and KotH on peak times on East US servers, but when Gears 4 came out the population went down big time.

I would recommend finding a community of players that play the game regularly, either through LFG or some people on these forums.


Hi, habe genau das gleiche Problem, finde und kenne keinen der dieses Spiel spielt. An jeden der dieses Spiel aktiv Online spielt meldet euch :pray:. Vielen Dank

I wanna play too, let’s make a “clan”

No one plays like they did this on xbox 360 ,this one blows the gun play alot different …I don’t like gears four and five either …way to much blood when shot hurts my eyes …

Amd the ones that do play are definitely cheating