Gears of War Ult Edition on PC

Just recently got it on sale so I could play some new maps before Gears 5 comes out cause I haven’t really played Gears 1 multiplayer. I thought there was going to be at least enough people to play online but there’s not. Can’t even play with bots.

If anyone here would like to organize a Gears Ult edition multiplayer night with me then that could be fun, I’d love to play with the community!! There should be enough maps to keep us busy for a while too.

The game is completely dead, no one plays it, not even TDM.

Yes that is why I said we should organize an event (:

If you want to organise an event, it would be ideal to post in the Wanna Play section. Also perhaps reach out to groups such as @Official_GFC and @CrimsonSquadGOW so maybe they can pull one off.

Thank you, I’m not that active on the forums so I didn’t know about these. Will get on that.