Gears of War UE servers down?

What’s with the UE servers. Haven’t been able to get in to a game for over 24 hours. Seems like everyone is having the same issue.

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PC or xbox one?
because if it’s PC they’ve been broken for well over a year and coalition still haven’t bother to fix it.

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It did that to me every now and then on xbox when i was boosting for 10K kills it usually comes back in 1-3 days. if not it may have gone the way of the windows version.

I’ve never had this issue and I play almost every day

Guess thats a europe only problem whatever makes you feel good about this dead game. No you don’t play everyday, unless you count sitting in empty search lobbies everyday “Playing” because the game is empty and has been for a long time.

Whatever makes me feel good? What’s your problem big guy? And yes I do play almost everyday. Guess there’s just a bigger following here in the States.

Unfortunately he is not the only one that has been playing this game everyday. I also have been playing this game everyday as well. The past 2 days I tried to get into a match and it will say players found, it will start loading up the match. But during the loading screen it will boot you back to the main menu with the message that your connection to the host has been lost.

Same problem over here. The past two days the entire multiplayer (not only Europe servers) is not working…

This is concerning. I’ve been back playing UE for about a month now and could always find TDM games. Wish some of who is left would get some KOTH or Blitz going. The game is still fun and I get much more enjoyment out of it than current Gears.

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Can’t only be Europe if its also happening here in the U.S.

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Hola en mexico tenemos problemas desde el domingo por la mañana no conecta igual que ustedes

In Mexico we have same problem, servers are not working since saturday night. Found a match, load and then send me back to the menu

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Yeah I play most days with friends and none of us can connect to the host but we see other people searching. Cant even make a private match

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To those saying the game has been down. Certainly not true in the U.S. I’ve got as much time in this game as most and have only started having issues as of Saturday. And yes, I play it daily.

I haven’t been able to connect to anyone in any versus mode in 3 days, it connects then the cog just spins until I get disco’d.

Any updates on the situation?

All should complain to fix gears ue for Windows 10

Seems to be working now.

Ahhhh… it needs to get fixed so I can get back to owning you :joy::joy: