Gears of War Tournament Free for All - (Gnashers Only) | Slayscion Gaming

We are having a FREE entry free for all tourney with a $400 prize pool this friday! Come join!



Plug in the ole XABY

If @TC_Clown participates, I want a probe investigation :eyes:

Separately, what time zone is the event? Appreciate the events you put together for the community, need more people like you!


Why do you want him to probe you?

On topic @AC_Wireless @TSU_Silent might be something you would be interested in


Silent doesn’t like playing on controller tho

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He would almost certainly still be able to do well

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No doubt

7pm eastern

I get off work at 5:00 p.m. PT , no fair

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So do we just load gears at the required time if we have tickets? How does it work.

Once you register you will get a messege/add from me. Then when it is time you log on and join the custom lobby. I will be a spectator the entire time. We can start a party before hand to answer any last minute questions/concerns

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Rude. Imagine working instead of gaming.